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Take ownership of your actions, and their results

One of the greatest factors that contribute to success (or failure) in life is mental attitude.

We all know people who are just getting by, some living very unhappy lives. I acknowledge that there are legitimate circumstances that create some very desperate situations. The individuals I’m talking about are those who exhibit a victim mentality.

They tend to blame others or certain circumstances for their problems. They make excuses for why things never seem to work out. They deny that they have any ability to alter the outcome.

I am fortunate that I know and work with energetic, focused people who understand how their choices affect their successes. When faced with tough times, they choose to approach life with a victor mentality.

They take ownership when faced with challenges. They’re accountable for their actions and responsible for their results.

These people take charge of their own ship, and it’s their attitude that gets them to their destination.

A successful life doesn’t just happen. We think, plan, hopefully weigh the consequences, and make choices.

With age and experience, we become more confident. When faced with a life event that presents particular challenges and new realities, we are mindful, set a new course and take action.

These same qualities are imperative to achieving business success.

The truth is that how you think and what you believe to be true about business is what brought you to where you are right now. Before you can find a better way of doing business, you must learn new ways of thinking and adopt these attitudes to your business.

Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, either way you will be right. But you have to take some action.

Positive affirmations are helpful, but you must implement new ways of thinking in order to find the solutions to your business challenges. Adjusting your attitude and perspective sets your mind free to achieve your business goals.

Before you consider what you need to do, you need to think about what you really want to have in life.

What do you want to achieve in your business and your personal life? How will your business get you there?

Begin by writing down your thoughts and ideas. Then become more specific.

Consider a time frame for each item and even write down a date that you want to have achieved the desired result. Share this information with someone you trust, and someone that will hold you accountable.

It’s critical that you track your progress.

Keep it simple. Record the actions you’ve taken and share the results.

Celebrate the small wins. Make corrections and adjustments on a regular basis.

These simple methods will keep you focused and help you to achieve the highest probability of success.

It is more likely that you will achieve results if you can adopt the right mental attitudes and take responsibility for your results.

You can’t blame your team members, your competition, the government, your spouse or anyone else. Have you ever noticed that when you point a finger at someone your other three fingers point back to you?

Our businesses are a reflection of ourselves. Attitude, and the way you role model these behaviours, have a profound effect on your business culture.

There will still be recurring issues, sometimes even huge challenges, but a culture that values a victor mentality will always look for ways to solve problems and achieve positive results.

In my coaching practice, adopting these attitudes is called, “playing above the line.” It’s more than just adopting a positive attitude, it’s about taking total ownership and responsibility for your actions and being accountable for the results.

ActionCoach is written by John MacKenzie of ActionCoach, which helps small- to medium-sized businesses and other organizations. He can be contacted at or by phone at 403-340-0880.



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