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Melone breaks out in short film

Tramping through the wintry northern Ontario woods as a vampire is paying off for Red Deer actor Alyx Melone. READ

Country duo has roots on display

Bringing in the crops and songwriting go hand-in-hand for Saskatchewan country-roots singer Blake Berglund. Nothing sparks his creativity like spending countless hours circling his family’s farm fields on his John Deere harvester. READ

Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra finds a more mature voice

It takes a certain maturity to accept that love isn’t always enough. The emotion that’s supposed to make the world go ’round has created serious heartaches for the musicians in Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. And the tumultuous effects of several romantic and platonic breakups are captured in songs on the band’s newest release. READ

Finding success abroad

From the local dinner theatre stage to the world stage, Red Deer’s Justice Brooks is starting to make ripples as a U.K.-based filmmaker. The 21-year-old, who was known as Justice Letkeman while growing up in this city, began performing at age 12 with Central Alberta Theatre in comedies such as Nuncrackers and Ethan Claymore. READ

Let’s go to the circus!

Circus acrobat paintings and “contradictory” wood engravings can be seen during Red Deer’s First Friday gallery openings for September. In the spirit of Toulouse-Lautrec, artist Dawn Saunders Dahl is tackling circus subject matter in her Prairie Circus Series: Figurative Works exhibit. Her oil paintings of circus people can be seen at the Kiwanis Gallery, operated by the Red Deer Arts Council. READ

Derrival has a sentimental yearning for the happiness of the ’90s

Nostalgia is a reoccurring theme for Vancouver indie band Derrival, which makes music with 1980s synth-pop influences and ’90s pop culture references. READ

Daniel Wesley, all grown up

The happy vibe on Daniel Wesley’s new album, I Am Your Man, isn’t coincidental. The married father of a two-and-a-half-year-old son and (as of two weeks ago) a second baby boy, isn’t the same guy he was a few years ago. READ

Stringer known for powerful performances

Grizzly bears are high on the list of North American animals that Australian singer Liz Stringer hopes to see — from a distance — during her first Canadian tour this month. Moose? Not so much. READ

A fanboy's dream

From collector to professional comic book artist — Marcus To is living many a fanboy’s dream, drawing superheroes for a living. The 31-year-old Red Deer native has done artwork for Soulfire, Red Robin, The Flash, New Warriors and other titles. READ

Old-time country group offers magical listening experience

If the teenage Lisa Olafson had written a country song about her pending move to Red Deer for Grade 10, it would have started as a tear-jerker. READ

Double vision

Sculpture and landscape photography are enmeshed in a new art exhibit at the Harris-Warke Gallery in Red Deer. Jane Durham, a Red Deer artist now living in Calgary, presents landscape photographs that are double exposed to also reveal images of her abstract ceramic sculptures. READ

The evolution of Pauly Shore

Standup comic Pauly Shore, who rapidly rose to fame in comedy clubs as The Weasel, then dive-bombed in Hollywood following a string of critically panned movies, appears in Red Deer this week. READ

Saskatoon band brings its blues-infused indie rock to Red Deer

The Sheepdogs, Deep Dark Woods and now The Pistolwhips — if award-winning bands keep rolling out of Saskatoon, then maybe location has something to do with it. Zach Davies of The Pistolwhips credits the long Prairie winter for helping narrow his focus. READ

Calgary couple sinks d’oh into replicating kitchen from 'The Simpsons’

Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton are living in a Simpson-esque orange, blue and purple dream. READ

‘Boom-town theatre’ in Bashaw celebrating 100th anniversary

She’s not exactly a grand old dame, but Bashaw’s Majestic Theatre is almost certainly one of a kind. READ

Reigniting the spark

Oh, to be young and successful... What perilous thing for musicians, said Kevin Kane of the folk-pop group The Grapes of Wrath. READ

Canadian folk, in symphony form

Iconic songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson and Leonard Cohen will get the sweeping Red Deer Symphony Orchestra treatment during a free outdoor concert next weekend at Bower Ponds. READ

Steven Sabados thanks public, asks for privacy after death of Chris Hyndman

Steven Sabados issued a statement Friday expressing his “deepest gratitude” for the public’s support after the death of his husband, Chris Hyndman. READ

Roads blazing his own trail

From a vantage point of 18 years in the music business, Jesse Roads can look back at a trail of “awesome” highs and some excruciating lows. And he’s only 34 years old. READ

In your own sweet way: RDSO and jazz musicians perform tunes by Dave and Iola Brubeck

Two musical worlds will happily collide when Jazz at the Lake musicians perform with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra on the shores of Sylvan Lake next weekend. READ

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