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Punk rock quartet part of Slumland bill

Calgary punk rockers Streetlight Saints will be bringing their “Joe Doe revolution” to Red Deer.

The hard-hitting punk quartet performs in a lineup of Rock ’n’ Oi! bands on Friday, Aug. 8, at Slumland Theatre on Ross Street.

Oi! is a subgenre of punk rock that originated in the U.K. in the late 1970s. The music and subculture aims to bring together punks, skinheads and other working-class youth, in a protest against university-types hijacking the anti-establishment punk movement.

The Steetlight Saints’ music is described as “Anthems for a disenfranchised generation of common people fighting back against injustice through song and mind. ... The John Doe revolution has begun and Streetlight Saints will be providing the soundtrack.”

For more information about the Slumland show that also includes the bands Working Class Threat, Snakebite, Sexloader and M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction), call 403-307-3528.

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