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Ron James unshackled

Finding himself “unshackled by network constraints” since his weekly CBC-TV show was cancelled, Canadian comedian Ron James did the “most expensive drunk dial I’ve ever done in my life.” READ

Interesting performances salvage weak plot in Wrong Turn at Lungfish

When dying hospital patient Peter Ravenswaal seeks solace in the play Wrong Turn at Lungfish, he turns to the words of poets T.S. Eliot and Charles Beaudelaire for comfort. READ

Straight for the funny bone

All heck is breaking loose at the Lacombe Golf and Country Club in the off season. Men are swinging from bed sheets and running around in bunny underwear. Women are hiding from their husbands and engaging in the sort of harebrained schemes that bring Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance to mind. READ

Artist mixes created, natural worlds

When the weather’s right, the light is interesting, and if there’s a spot of shade to stand under, an entire morning can slip away for Red Deer artist Carol Lynn Gilchrist. READ

Actor proud of work as Neanderthal

Wait a minute, that Neanderthal looks familiar. ... Under the sloped forehead and shaggy hair of a Neanderthal in the CBC documentary series The Great Human Odyssey is Central Alberta actor Brett Manyluk. READ

A different side of Big Sugar

Fans used to the big, booming Big Sugar sound are in for something richer and mellower when frontman Gordie Johnson brings his blues-rock band — plus additional “Rasta elders” — to Red Deer this month. READ

Bourne brings his soulful style to the Golden Circle

Some old songs, new songs, dance songs and spur-of-the-moment songs are in the lineup when Bill Bourne performs in Red Deer. The Central Alberta troubadour is returning to familiar turf to entertain at the Golden Circle on Saturday, Feb. 21. READ

A chance to see the artistic side of RDC Creative Arts faculty and staff

A cyclone, cattle and cubic designs are all part of a Red Deer College art show being held in downtown Red Deer. READ

A battle between brain and heart

Craig Scott was feeling conflicted after reading the script for the latest Central Alberta Theatre play Wrong Turn at Lungfish. “My brain was telling me ‘I can’t direct this, I don’t have time,’” he recalled. “But my heart was telling me ‘I have to make time, because someone has to do this.’” READ

Blues musicians flocking to Fratters

Two Maple Blues Award-winning musicians will provide consecutive evenings of blues-tinged entertainment in Red Deer. Guitarist David Gogo and piano player David Vest have performed together before, but are scheduled for separate shows next week at Fratters Speakeasy. READ

Doty keeping it real

There are almost as many kinds of love songs as people falling in love — and Ellen Doty ought to know. READ

In search of chemistry

Red Deer College’s Pride and Prejudice boasts a spectacular set, lavish costumes, a sparkling supporting cast and all the witty dialogue of Jane Austen’s beloved novel. READ

Folk, prog-rock and the wild places in between

First thing to know about The Wilderness of Manitoba is that the musicians are neither from the wilderness nor from Manitoba. The second thing is the Toronto-based, Juno-nominated group that performs on Tuesday, Feb. 10, at Fratters Speakeasy in Red Deer, has gone through major personnel changes. READ

Mother Mother concert shapes up ‘just lovely’

Something pretty zen was in the air Friday night. Or as Mother Mother frontman Ryan Guldemond put it: “Tonight’s got the right stuff . . .You never can tell how the voodoo’s going to shape up, but it’s taking shape just lovely . . . ” READ

Finding shelter from the hustle and bustle of Christmas

A beautiful and peaceful antidote to the busy clamour of the holiday season was delivered Saturday night by the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. READ

December First Friday draws inspiration from nature and the night

Art that’s inspired by nature and nighttime will be showing at Red Deer’s First Friday’s gallery openings for December. READ

Innisfail Town Theatre producing Bedtime Stories

Take a peek at what goes on behind the bedroom door in Innisfail Town Theatre’s next production. READ

A shrug of thanks to the people who believed

After many years of “yearning” to be an artist, 57-year-old Glynis Wilson Boultbee is finally studying visual arts at Red Deer College. It was a case of mind over matter for the Red Deer resident, who’s done other artistic things, such as written poetry, but never thought she could ever create recognizable images on paper. “I just got it in my head that I could not draw, that it was closed off for me,” she said. READ

Cello takes centre stage for RDSO

The Red Deer Symphony Orchestra will starts its new season with three memorable works that look back at the past in grandiose, anxious and whimsical ways. READ

First Friday offers great art variety

Performance art, fibre art, ceramic art, literary art, acrylic art — and just about every other kind of art — will be in the offing for the First Friday in October. READ

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