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Fisher explores the softer side of jazz

Soothing, reflective music that goes down fine with a glass of wine.

Central Alberta’s renowned jazz vocalist Cheryl Fisher aims to record that kind of album this spring with guitarist John Stowell and his Scene trio. READ

Heavy, loud, party rock

The fuzzed-out blues-rock band HighKicks is finding some depth in letting the good times roll. The Calgary duo of Matt Doherty on drums and Danny Vacon on bass has put out a self-titled debut album of thumpingly catchy songs designed as sing-alongs. READ

Making sense of life through music

Juno-nominated singer/songwriter J.P. Cormier has heard from “hundreds of thousands,” of emotionally scarred soldiers since writing the song Hometown Battlefield about post-traumatic stress disorder. “Some of them told me, ‘I heard your song and decided not to shoot myself.’ That’s huge ... I have to try to be worthy of all that,” said Cormier, who performs on Wednesday, April 15, at Fratters Speakeasy in Red Deer. READ

Former lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revival to perform in Red Deer this summer

John Fogarty will sing from the legendary song catalogue of Creedence Clearwater Revival in Red Deer this summer. READ

Sadie Flynn offers up a strong season finale

Husband killer Sadie Flynn stepped off the bus this week and into a pretty riotous Central Alberta Theatre production. Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak, which opened on Friday at Red Deer’s Quality Inn, North Hill, is the group’s last dinner theatre of the season and probably the strongest of this year’s CAT pickings. It boasts a dependably funny script by Canada’s go-to playwright Norm Foster, a veteran cast of talented community actors, and some solid direction by Erna Soderberg. READ

She Has a Name set to become a movie project

A locally-written play about human sex trafficking could soon become an independent movie that merges activism with commerce. Local investors are getting behind the She Has a Name film project, which will be based on a script by local playwright Andrew Kooman. Nearly $500,000 has been raised towards creating the movie, which would need about half of its budget of $2.6 million if filming is to go ahead this summer in Thailand, said executive-producer Lance Kadatz. Kadatz, who is a vice-president and chief financial officer of the Red Deer car finance company Rifco, believes the film stands to make a good return for investors READ

Nature’s palate on your plate

How does a cauliflower look like a snowflake? The answer can be gleaned from one of the close-up vegetable photos displayed at the Kiwanis Gallery in Red Deer’s downtown public library. Besides the snowflake comparison, viewers have also drawn parallels between the cauliflower photo and an undersea plant. READ

Powerful and poignant

From the moment middle-aged belle Amanda Wingfield appeared on stage in a ruffled cotillion dress from her youth, speaking obsessively of jonquil flowers, it was clear that a Southern Gothic treat was in store at Thursday’s opening of The Glass Menagerie. Boy, was it ever. This incredible professional co-production between Ignition Theatre and Prime Stock Theatre is a must-see at Red Deer’s Scott Block. READ

A husband-killer in a sleepy town

In a sleepy town where nothing ever happens, it’s big news when husband-killer Sadie Flynn gets off the bus with her suitcases. Norm Foster’s comedy Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak is Central Alberta Theatre’s last dinner theatre production of the season. It opens on Thursday at Red Deer’s Quality Inn North Hill. READ

Levi Cuss letting it go

The older Levi Cuss gets, the more he’s attuned to the adage ‘live and let live.’ READ

As Canadian as it gets

There’s nothing better than hockey and country music for singer Chad Brownlee. Imagine his thrill at seeing his two great loves fused into the creation of an electric guitar made of 22 Sherwood-brand hockey sticks. READ

Play hits the rough on back nine

The Ladies Foursome golfing comedy made its Western Canadian premiere at Lacombe’s Cow Patti dinner theatre this week with a solid — and riotously entertaining — front nine holes. READ

Blackwood Quartet brings spirit of the king

The Blackwood Quartet will channel more than the Holy Spirit when the Southern group performs at Red Deer’s Memorial Centre. The quartet will be singing gospel songs popularized by Elvis Presley at the Thursday, March 12, concert. READ

Secrets, guilt, illusions

Obsessions surround The Glass Menagerie. Ignition Theatre’s staging of the Tennessee Williams play from Thursday, March 12, at the Scott Block Theatre in Red Deer will be the realization of a long-held dream for artistic director Matt Grue. READ

Mother Mother concert shapes up ‘just lovely’

Something pretty zen was in the air Friday night. Or as Mother Mother frontman Ryan Guldemond put it: “Tonight’s got the right stuff . . .You never can tell how the voodoo’s going to shape up, but it’s taking shape just lovely . . . ” READ

Finding shelter from the hustle and bustle of Christmas

A beautiful and peaceful antidote to the busy clamour of the holiday season was delivered Saturday night by the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. READ

December First Friday draws inspiration from nature and the night

Art that’s inspired by nature and nighttime will be showing at Red Deer’s First Friday’s gallery openings for December. READ

Innisfail Town Theatre producing Bedtime Stories

Take a peek at what goes on behind the bedroom door in Innisfail Town Theatre’s next production. READ

A shrug of thanks to the people who believed

After many years of “yearning” to be an artist, 57-year-old Glynis Wilson Boultbee is finally studying visual arts at Red Deer College. It was a case of mind over matter for the Red Deer resident, who’s done other artistic things, such as written poetry, but never thought she could ever create recognizable images on paper. “I just got it in my head that I could not draw, that it was closed off for me,” she said. READ

Cello takes centre stage for RDSO

The Red Deer Symphony Orchestra will starts its new season with three memorable works that look back at the past in grandiose, anxious and whimsical ways. READ

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