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Letters to the Editor

Abandoned nursing homes could house the homeless

Thank you to Rev. Jeffrey Rock for bringing to the attention of the citizens of Red Deer the plight of our most vulnerable citizens, since the Barachah Place, the city’s only day shelter, has closed its doors. (Red Deer Advocate, Nov. 7, 2014.)

On the evening of Oct. 16, I took part in the Point of Time count of the homeless in Red Deer. READ

Vehicle idling habits in city show a sense of entitlement

I now consider myself a proud Red Deerian, residing for the last four years in this amazing city. READ

Caring for bees and environment not embraced by every community

How might I find out please more about the permanent banning of neonicotinoids and related pesticides that are known to have adverse effects on the health of pollinator populations? READ

Remembrance Day ceremonies lacked proper sound system

Remembrance Day services in Red Deer were well attended again, which I am very glad to see. READ

Excellent Remembrance Day service at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the students and teachers of Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School for their excellent Mary and John Cuthbertson Red Deer READ

Health-care competition essential

Your recent article entitled Re-inventing Alberta Health Services was written by Robert McGarvey, who reportedly is an economic historian, whatever that is. With all due respect, if his comments were intended to uncover new insights into delivering affordable health care in Alberta, it didn’t. READ

Payout shows PCs haven’t learned

It’s hard to be civil at times when you read what goes on in politics. Former Alberta Health Services chief financial officer Allaudin Merali listed as “terminated without cause” is a sick joke. READ

Does anyone speak for God?

Despite my tendency to procrastinate, I would like to respond to some fairly recent articles published by the Red Deer Advocate on the religion page, the first of which appeared Saturday, Aug. 16 entitled Wrestling with disaster, suicide and god. (Re. the lower case “g”: indicative that whoever wrote it did not ascribe deity status to God, or a typo?) The author of the article obviously does consider God deity, providing accurate defense of Him on many counts. READ

Byelections show Alberta pendulum swinging back to centre

The recent byelections in Alberta were quite revealing not only by results but by the campaigning and the reactions after the vote. READ

Praise for Salomons; daily prayer will lead to solutions

It was very encouraging to read Chris Salomons’ article on parenting recently. READ

Show more respect for veterans and their efforts

This letter is in regard to the review of the movie Fury by Michael O’Sullivan entitled War brings out the worst in men, on Oct. 17, Page D1. READ

Not enough specific care offered for those with early-onset dementia

We would like to add our voices to those affected by the lack of appropriate continuing care offered in our province. READ

In Canada, as in Scotland, the working class will rise

There are lessons that can be drawn from the recent referendum in Scotland, manifestly, an event that shook the British establishment to its foundations. READ

When did Canada depart from its peacekeeping role to active warfare?

Traditionally, at least for several decades, Canada was known around the world for its peacekeeping role. READ

More ways to reduce cancer risk

The Red Deer Advocate on Friday, June 6, printed an article, Cancer risk in Alberta can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, outlining a number of ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. READ

We all mourn when a soldier falls in service

A Sept. 9 letter to the editor addressed my Sept. 5 Red Deer Life column’s comparison between eco-stunts and IED attacks on our soldiers. READ

Tories can’t be trusted to safeguard health care

In regard to heath care, the government of Alberta, under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach and Health Minister Ron Liepert, could never be accused of being weak in resolve. READ

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