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Letters to the Editor

For the love of bacon, care for animals

The shocking video recently released by Mercy For Animals Canada of horrific abuse to hogs by workers at a Red Deer facility brings a very old issue to the forefront.

You see, Canada’s food animal treatment laws haven’t changed since the 1900s, even though the way food animals are raised, transported and killed has, along with the staggering increase in demand. READ

Get behind our war effort

May I start off by saying that I was appalled last week when I heard the response of NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to back the war against ISIS along with, I believe, 60 other countries. READ

TFWP puts Canadians first

Please allow me to correct statements in the article TFW cap impacts labour shortage: Kobly (Advocate, Oct. 16) asserting that the government of Canada is overstating the number of temporary foreign workers in Alberta and understating the wage increases in this province’s food service industry. READ

Riverview Park bylaw raises concerns

Your article Quality of life grades high on Saturday, Oct. 11, in the Advocate prompts me to write this letter. The questions you ask and whom you ask determines the answers you want to receive. This mini survey no doubt caused a reaction of hand wringing and self backslapping at City Hall. But, is it truly representative? READ

Chronic underfunding of local health care must be addressed

It is with dismay to read that Central Zone will be getting only 28 more continuing care spaces, none of them in Red Deer (Advocate reporter Susan Zielinski: Region getting 28 more spaces, Oct. 16, 2014). The previous week, over 50 alternate level of care patients occupied beds in Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, putting huge pressure on our acute care system. This number of patients who could be placed in alternate care is typical. READ

Wind energy has significant upside

Kenneth Green’s thinking (Prentice’s green power risk) on renewable energy costs is outdated. READ

Red Deer downtown traffic a mess

Red Deer city council needs to revisit accessibility of its two main roads going in and out of downtown. READ

Council problems remain a year after election

Thanksgiving weekend and a year since we voted in a new mayor and council. Let us look at the changes. READ

Among kindred spirits

Last month, I visited Red Deer to visit family, rekindle old friendships and to repair and restore the damaged heron sculpture on Spruce Drive. Pat Matheson (public art co-ordinator) had saved the broken part. READ

Red Deer deserves Memorial Cup

From its formation, the Sutter-led Red Deer Rebels have represented Central Alberta and the Western Hockey League through good times and bad. READ

Thanks for GrammaLink support

On behalf of GrammaLink-Africa, I wish to thank the Red Deer Advocate for their publicity and the Golden Circle for their support of our seventh annual Scrabble event. READ

What about water woes close to home?

Just curious as to why the Rotaract Club of Red Deer is trying to raise funds to bring clean drinking water to developing countries when there are so many native communities in need of the same thing right here in this country? READ

Look south for employment help

After reading the Sept. 30 Advocate, We need Alberta solution for shortage of workers, I have to voice my opinion. READ

Are we sliding into another war?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has committed military advisers to Iraq without any Parliament debate. The mission is supposed to be for 30 days. READ

Thanks to Lough for saving Michener

Well, Bill Lough, your mission is accomplished. You fought long, and you fought hard. A million thanks go out to you, keeping us all strong, and all the time and effort you put in in the fight to keep Michener Centre open. What a trooper you are. READ

When a home occupation crosses the line for neighbours

Home occupation is a viable alternative to the daily commute, but when is it time to leave home? I am a strong believer in home occupations, but there are limits and there are times when it is not the right answer. READ

Pines power line approval shows AUC is not doing its job

Re: Industrial power line structure to be built in the pines residential neighborhood AltaLink’s proposal to increase the height, scale and voltage of the power lines running through our Pines residential neighbourhood is a poor one. READ

I only asked for just a little help!

I am very proud to call Red Deer my home. The friendly city that I love and where I grew up and raised my own family. Life changed drastically for me in 2011 when a fall left me without the ability to walk and in need of a wheelchair. READ

Gravel pit proposal should have been approved

I have made applications for a gravel pit on my land over the last few years. Each time, the Red Deer County administration reviewed our application and recommended approval with conditions. Each time, councillors on the Municipal Planning Commission and then the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board refused to listen to the recommendations of county administration and turned my application down. READ

We need Alberta solution for shortage of workers

I am so proud and happy with our city councillors for “pushing the dialogue between the provincial and federal governments.” The Temporary Foreign Worker Program possibly works in other provinces but Alberta is totally unique in its labour needs. READ

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