Letter: Carbon tax to drive prices

Neiman, a strong NDP supporter is towing the company line to pop a few buttons on the NDP carbon chest.


Letter: MIA — Red Deer- South MLA

I am contacting you to pass on my frustration with my MLA in the Red Deer South constituency.


Letter: Rethink Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan

A few years after I settled in Red Deer in 1977, a developer proposed a major redevelopment to energize the downtown Red Deer.


Letter: Dogs in malls

I recently moved to Red Deer from Vancouver via Nova Scotia. I’ve been staying in hotels since Aug.

Letter: Giving thanks

Central Alberta Refugee Effort presented the performance of Journeys of Hope – 5 Refugee Stories.

Letter: Unite the right

As a past member of the Conservative party and Wildrose Party, I am not happy with parties thinking they can each win the next election on their own.

Letter: Blue Christmas

Money stolen from ATM

Letter: Where’s the return on investment?

It’s not downtown

Letter: Carbon tax misrepresented

I am amazed and shocked (and not only me) how much distortion of facts, half truths and outright lies about the Alberta’s NDP policies and actions we are bombarded with weekly in the provinces newspapers.

Letter: Bottle picking

In the wee hours of the morning, Red Deer’s bottle picking community starts to work. You may not see them, but you may know they have been there as your local garbage bin or blue box is picked clean of bottles, cans and other refundable items.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping

PM Justin Trudeau heads to China to discuss Canada’s northern sovereignity

Northern sovereignity is on the table for upcoming talks between the Chinese and Canadian heads of state

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping

“All hands on deck” working on Telus landline, internet outage

A Telus outage is affecting land line and internet services to approximately 1,200 customers, both residential and commercial, in sections of north Red Deer.

We’re creating resilient, innovative agriculture

Re: Don’t put ag research on chopping block: Food processing is an economic bright spot and the future needs us to stay in the game” published in the Advocate on June 18, by David Crane I would like to respond to David Crane’s June 18 column.

The rich get fat salaries and big bonuses, workers get back-to-work orders

The federal Conservative government can now be seen for what it is, a government of Big Business, by Big Business, for Big Business.

Government workers shouldn’t strike

Re: Joe McLaughlin’s Insight, Stacking the deck against labour, Red Deer Advocate, June 18.

Memorial bench was stolen, memories remain

Seven and one half years ago, we lost our precious daughter/granddaughter at birth. To ease our pain, we purchased a tree in her memory at Parkland Memorial Gardens.

Treat addicts as people first

In regards to City backs drug declaration, June 14. I was very pleased to read that our city council adopted the Vienna Declaration.

Dry Grad a good option for under-age grads

Safe Grad isn’t the only option. I’ve noted with interest the many letters regarding the last minute cancellation of Safe Grad at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, and thought I’d offer a slightly different perspective.

Report on Central Alberta full of great information

Wow! Thank you so much for your Report on Central Alberta. Every section was really interesting and very informative.

A group of young people left campground while campfire still burned.

Fire left burning by Big Horn Dam campers

We had the privilege to be able to go camping at the Big Horn Dam this weekend.

A group of young people left campground while campfire still burned.