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Letters to the Editor

Left on my own at age 84 to cope with injured husband

My family thought I should submit this poem I penned on a low day.

My husband (81-years-old) fell in April, breaking his let hip in two places. He had surgery in Red Deer then was sent home to Innisfail Hospital for a spell, then he came home to the house. READ

Rimbey, Ponoka County spending raises questions

Why are the taxpayers of Rimbey and Ponoka County subsidizing a local developer to the tune of approximately $420,000? With lower oil prices and stressed tax revenues, spending tax dollars for the benefit of a local developer seems ill advised. READ

This front-page story wasn’t worthy of placement

I am sending this letter regarding the full front page picture and story in the Saturday, Aug. 15, Advocate (Love is love at first sight). I am a longtime subscriber of the Advocate and there have been, over the years, a few front page articles that I did not think were worthy of being there. This one, I refer to though, took the cake! READ

Sutherland is dead wrong, Harper deserves our contempt

Re: Jim Sutherland opinion column in the Advocate of Aug. 24: I have never met Jim Sutherland. For all I know he is a lovely man. I have asked before, and I have to ask again why he gets a column in the Red Deer Advocate. I suppose it is safe to have Conservative leanings in Alberta. And such a column pleases most of your readers. READ

Redistribution of wealth at heart of Notley’s plan

A constant statement from the defenders of Rachel Notley for her government’s delay in bringing forth a budget is that Peter Lougheed was also in no rush when he came to power. READ

Why do we vote for invisible people?

This is the era of political intrigue and it has shown that we need to think about the process in a different way. I know we are in a federal election, an unwieldy 11-week campaign, but we just went through a pivotal provincial election and watched municipal follies across this country. READ

Notley must control wild gas price fluctuations

Dear Premier Rachel Notley, So as oil prices float around the $41-a-barrel mark, gasoline prices are still lurking way over a buck a litre. The price at $1.15 is higher than when oil was $58 a barrel. READ

Changes in the natural world dramatically alter civilization

Re: David Mathias’s letter to the editor of the Advocate of Aug 18. I think David’s views succinctly describe some of the most important realities of the world we live in. His opinions, I believe, are shared by many others. READ

RDSO concert at Bower Ponds was delightful and fun

A big thank you to the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, and maestro Claude Lapalme, for the delightful (free!) concert, “a gift to the community,” presented at the Bower Ponds Stage on Sunday afternoon. We were treated to a wide variety of folk and popular music, arranged for symphony orchestra mostly by Mr. Lapalme, starting with an orchestral arrangement of Ian Tyson’s Four Strong Winds, which, as Mr. Lapalme said in his introduction, was a thankful reminder that this afternoon’s weather was a lot more pleasant than Saturday’s blustery, cool weather at the orchestra’s Jazz Concert at Sylvan Lake! READ

We should all have the right to decide about vaccinations

This month, August 2015, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is planning on voting on something they should have no say in: whether or not vaccines should be mandatory in Canada. READ

Don’t be so quick to judge and condemn Rachel Notley

Re: Ted Johnson’s letter to the editor in the Friday, Aug. 14, Advocate, Gas pump price creeping up, oil heads down. Easy Ted. READ

Expectations of growth unreasonable in real world

I have to say that I believe that the constant expectations for economies to show growth is not possible. Yet the economists still use the annual growth in an economy as a benchmark. READ

Are Alberta’s NDP benefiting Albertans?

It’s almost six months since Rachel Notley and her NDP government took office. I thought it was time to rate their performance. True to her word, she has implemented several of her campaign promises. Will Albertans benefit? READ

Notley must take action to stop gasoline price hikes

Dear Premier Rachel Notley, So as oil prices float around the $42 a barrel mark, gasoline prices are still lurking way over a buck a litre. The price at $1.18 is higher than when oil was $58 a barrel. READ

Government must take action to end ripoff at the pumps

There can be no justification for the almost 20 per cent increase in gas prices now in effect. READ

Fair Elections Act an affront to our democracy

In the last century, how many Canadians have fought, were injured or were killed, defending democracy and our right to vote for a democratically-elected government? In the last few years, how many people around the world have suffered, were tortured, and faced death so they can vote for a democratically-elected government? READ

Let’s get the election over and feel the pain of the new budget

Teflon Jim has finally made a mistake. By stating that we as Albertans have collectively benefited from the oil-revenue-driven Progressive Conservative budget (and pointed out that the provincial employees have been at the front of the gravy train), he has opened up Pandora’s box for the next round of attacks from the opposing parties. READ

More ways to reduce cancer risk

The Red Deer Advocate on Friday, June 6, printed an article, Cancer risk in Alberta can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, outlining a number of ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. READ

We all mourn when a soldier falls in service

A Sept. 9 letter to the editor addressed my Sept. 5 Red Deer Life column’s comparison between eco-stunts and IED attacks on our soldiers. READ

Tories can’t be trusted to safeguard health care

In regard to heath care, the government of Alberta, under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach and Health Minister Ron Liepert, could never be accused of being weak in resolve. READ

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