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Letters to the Editor

Elections Alberta in the dark

On August 12, 2016 the Globe and Mail reported that Jason Kenney “is scouring Alberta for support and cash” and that the NDP has asked Elections Alberta whether these fundraising rules violate provincial spending laws. A similar report was made in the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal on August 11.

The response from Elections Act, perhaps predictably, is that Alberta “currently doesn’t have any authority to govern or restrict election spending by anyone outside the election period”. Subsequent reports by these two Alberta papers have assumed that this is correct. And yet, the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act states in section 17(4) that “No contributions may be made to a candidate except during a campaign period.” READ

K-Cups telling

Albertans recently found out that Red Deer-South MLA Barb Miller spent almost $5,000 on K-Cups for the coffee machine in her constituency office. Naturally, neither I, nor the public, was very happy about this. READ

Taking the high road

Talk about being shocked, but not surprised, the Opposition continues to believe that playing politics is more important than supporting Albertans through difficult economic times. READ

A big thank you

My wife and I would like to thank the two gentlemen who stopped and offered to help while we were waiting for an AMA service truck at the intersection of Erickson Dr. and Ross St. around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 12. READ

Parkvale parking lot

Congratulations to Jackpot Casino for their new parking lot which has been well masqueraded as a beautifully treed park. READ

Hats off to hospital staff

Often times we hear about how bad the health-care system is in Alberta and poor the standard of service is. Like any other “business” the operation of it is only as good as its employees. I want to share my good story as someone experiencing the health system and hospitalization for the first time. READ

Well done Pelz

In a tough economy be extra thankful for your existing assets. READ

City of Red Deer Citizen Satisfaction Survey is off mark

On Aug.15 the City of Red Deer released its annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey, claiming 98 per cent of citizens rated their quality of life as good to very good. The report also goes onto say that the results are used to measure the quality of city services compared to tax dollars. READ

New job for Joe Ceci

Who would have thought that Joe Ceci, our recently minted president of the Treasury Board and finance minister, would have had the time or indeed the skill to take on the title of Honourary Brewmaster and beer promoter for the province of Alberta? READ

Time to rethink Canada Post services

In light of the recent postal uproar, perhaps we, as the owners of Canada Post, need to rethink what it is we require of our postal service. READ

City of Red Deer should address pool and rink shortage for north neighbourhoods

“The city has one sheet of indoor ice per 16.801 residents and for future planning, the report suggests a target ratio of 15,000 residents per indoor rink.” Red Deer Advocate Aug. 16 2016. READ

City of Red Deer staff doing a great job keeping grass mowed

Kudos to the city workers again this year for the great job they are doing keeping the grass mowed. READ

Support for Stephans

David and Collet Stephan getting charged for failing to provide the necessities of life in their son’s death is a classic case of gas lighting. The couple has the right to choose not to have their children injected with various form of diseases called “vaccinations.” READ

Ancronym confusion

SDG’s. What, exactly, does that stand for? With so many acronyms out there these days, it is hard to keep up. Is it a financial institution? READ

End to predatory loans

As a health-care professional for many years, I’ve always been passionate about helping people. I believe that you can judge a society by how they respond to vulnerability. That’s why I am incredibly proud to be a co-sponsor of Bill 15: An Act to End Predatory Lending. READ

Local NDP MLAs falling short

When I saw that Red Deer’s unemployment rate had spiked to 10 per cent – the highest of any municipality in Alberta – I was shocked but not surprised. READ

Chrisianity instrumental in getting small congregation to build St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Red Deer

I noticed the article on St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It warms the heart to see a church actually being built and by a small congregation. In the last few years, we have seen a number of churches closing, a number splitting up due to societal pressures, and just a general decrease in numbers attending church. READ

Job well done

Kudos to the city workers again this year for the great job they are doing keeping the grass mowed. READ

On the bright side

Fratters Speakeasy Venue hosted its final-ever musical act on Aug. 4. One of Red Deer’s newest institutions, the restrobar and venue, announced last month they would be closing their doors for good. READ

Crime in Red Deer

Welcome to Red Deer. High unemployment, high crime, poor air and a shrinking population. READ

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