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Letters to the Editor

Prentice should look to the spirit of Lougheed

Re: the Alberta budget.

For most of us, the anticipation of our newly minted premier’s first budget ranged from a wait and see cautious optimism to waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is now apparent that when the premier was speaking about finding alternative revenue streams for the Alberta government that weren’t dependent upon the boom and bust cycles of the oil industry, he was referring to taxing the middle class. READ

Red Deer College forced to make difficult decisions

Re: the provincial budget announcement: I could comment on cuts to post-secondary budgets over the last six years, but I won’t. I could comment on why an investment in post-secondary education is important in a time when those who have lost their jobs and wish to retrain or reskill may not have the opportunity to do so, but I won’t. READ

It’s far past time to toughen our criminal justice system

Canada’s justice system is a big joke! What do you think? Should Canada’s laws be tough on dangerous offenders? (See the recent leaflet of Blaine Calkins, MP Wetaskiwin.) Wake up Canada! Innocent lives are taken every day; families torn apart every day; shootings and stabbings, beatings, physical and sexual abuse, robberies, drunk drivers, arsonists, cyber bullying, texting drivers. READ

Tracking down a vehicle involved in a collision

On the evening of March 6, a Friday night, at the intersection of 32nd Street and 30th Avenue, at 7:15 p.m., my son’s BMW was struck as he traveled through the intersection by a black SUV driven by a young woman who left the scene at a high rate of speed. READ

The value of higher education should go far beyond job training

I write this letter in response to the recent cuts to the degree program for a bachelor of arts in English as a collaborative partnership between Red Deer College and the University of Calgary. While the decision to cut the program is difficult and perhaps complicated, I will present four simple points regarding the negative consequences of this cut, acknowledging that these points need further discussion and elaboration. READ

Herald the welcome arrival of spring and all its rebirth

Hello and welcome to the vernal equinox — March 20, 2015 — or the spring equinox, and the start of spring. The Alberta starting times may vary, however pioneers at heart know birth and harvest is well on the way, so prepare for the enflourishment of bugs and birds and buds and wildlife. READ

Heroic actions saved our home, thanks to so many people

My family and I would like to extend our thanks to the many firefighters who responded and fought so hard and diligently to contain our barn that went up in flames in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, March 14. READ

Regulate gasoline pricing to avoid gouging in Alberta

So today a local gas retailer jacked up the price on gasoline 8.5 cents a litre to 94.9 from 86.4 cents. Others will no doubt follow suit because that’s what happens in the service station industry. I call it price fixing. READ

Devaluing diploma exams will ruin Alberta education

Re: Worth of Alberta diploma exams drops to 30 per cent from half Low academic achievements will come home to roost if parents, students, and teachers do not stop this edict by Education Minister Gordon Dirks. READ

Ambulance driver avoided collision responding to call

On Feb. 26, at 2:10 p.m. at Spruce Drive and 32nd Street intersection, we were stopped at a red light turning right. An ambulance approached, lights, sirens all going and the light turned green. READ

Canadians must take a stand to stop Harper’s Bill C-51

Canadians are statistically more likely to be struck by lightning than become victims of a terrorist attack. So why is Prime Minister Stephen Harper waving the fear flag to push Bill C-51 through without the proper review and scrutiny? Because they have something to hide. READ

Put a lid on excess heating by establishing white roof law

I think when it comes to our roof, the city should lighten or more specifically whiten up. READ

I thought Canada supported religious freedom, diversity

Re: Multiculturalism in Canada can ‘stay the hell’ where it came from As I sat in the car, my husband was fidgeting with the radio dial. Tuning away, he stopped to listen to one station where a discussion about niqab was going on. We were quickly drawn in the discussion, being Muslims, and felt a sudden wave of discomfort running across our minds. READ

Compassionate, professional care in time of great loss

Every day, we hear all the bad that is going on but for some reason people don’t take the time to give the kudos to the people who have given us a positive experience in the most extreme situations. READ

Judicial activism takes us from the pillars of morality

Something is wrong with the Supreme Court of Canada. I wish I could say that we can trust them, but they have flagrantly betrayed our trust. They have become guilty of judicial activism. Remember, these justices are appointed, not elected by the citizens of Canada. Even they would acknowledge, if they were honest, that their mandate and expertise is in the field of law, not in the field of morality and public conscience. READ

Final say: Worth of Alberta diploma exams drops to 30 per cent from half

EDMONTON — Starting next fall, Grade 12 students in Alberta will get more credit for their course work and there will be less emphasis on diploma exams. Education Minister Gordon Dirks announced Monday that a student’s final mark will be based on 30 per cent of the provincial exam — not the current 50 per cent. READ

Wildrose leadership race leaves many in the dark

Yes, I was impressed. The call from the Wildrose Party informing me of the leadership race. Sir we are going to have a vote for the new leader of the party. I am calling on behalf of Mr. B. or was it D.? Anyway, we would like your blind support. READ

Put the aquatic centre in the next capital budget

On behalf of the aquatic community, I write to encourage action regarding the proposed aquatic centre for the City of Red Deer. In order to do that, I offer the following chronology of the work to date. Citizens and aquatic groups have been frustrated since the late 1990s by the fact that Red Deer has inadequate pool facilities. Citizens reacted strongly in 2005 when the province threatened to close the Michener Pool. READ

Let’s get the election over and feel the pain of the new budget

Teflon Jim has finally made a mistake. By stating that we as Albertans have collectively benefited from the oil-revenue-driven Progressive Conservative budget (and pointed out that the provincial employees have been at the front of the gravy train), he has opened up Pandora’s box for the next round of attacks from the opposing parties. READ

Foreign worker changes don’t apply to farm program

I would like to provide some clarifications in response to the article by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, published in your Saturday, March 7, edition (How Ottawa bungled the TFW program). READ

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