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Letters to the Editor

Losing local history

Mark your calendars, the destruction of a ‘heritage’ plot of land formerly known as the Bower Natural Area, has begun.

In early July, the transformation began of a plot of land farmed for over 100 years into another, unnecessary retail heaven. I drove by for days, watching new power poles being installed as the old sand hill was removed. READ

Pet adoptions too costly

My relatives adopted a puppy from the local shelter on the weekend. The total cost was $400 which includes spaying, shots, and microchip. In the paper this morning, an article about a shelter in Helena, Mont. — not even eight hours from here in the States — says adoption is typically $120 with all of the above included. No wonder so many wonderful dogs and cats are being put down here. How can anyone adopt a pet at that price? Even at the difference in the dollar, it just doesn’t add up. And who’s paying the price? Poor helpless animals. Wake up in Canada and smell the coffee! Please! And yes, I’m not naive of the the cost of taking care of pets. I have a diabetic cat, two and a half years, and yes I have had two lumps (almost cancerous) removed from the other cat. I even had to remove teeth from diabetic cat, so I know very well the cost — all on a senior’s budget. READ

Red Deer MLA off mark on minimum wage benefits

The original letter I wrote in reply to Barb Miller’s letter in the Red Deer Advocate, July 8, 2016 was too lengthy to be published so I’ve condensed. It should be noted, proper source information was given, but has been omitted here in the interest of brevity. READ

Carbon tax domino effect

In a few months, the NDP will introduce a carbon tax on all forms of energy consumed within our province. The premise, is to improve the image of the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry, gaining approval for new pipelines, desperately needed by that oil and gas industry and the people employed by it. READ

Gassing an innocent child?

This week I found out that there have already been twice as many child fatalities in the U.S. due to being trapped in a hot car then there were at this time last year. Currently there have been 13 hot car child deaths; this doesn’t count the number of pets that have died. READ

Energy gets a bad rep

I would like to comment on all of the negative reports of our Oil and Gas or Energy Industry. There seems to be an impression that we must get rid of or severely curtail its operations. The energy industry provides us with transportation to and from work, it brings food to our grocery stores as well as providing the food itself we eat by providing the farmer energy to plant his/her fields and harvest their produce. READ

Time to Rethink Red Deer?

The 2016 municipal census for Red Deer is completed and Red Deer shrank by 975 residents or by 0.967 per cent. This will be a greater concern if Blackfalds keeps the title of fastest growing community in Alberta and if Penhold sees growth for 2016. READ

EU weakened

I read with interest Robert McGarvey’s “Cameron lit the fuse on EU powder keg” in the July 1st edition of the Advocate, in particular his scathing critique of (soon-to-be former) Prime Minister David Cameron and his opinion of the EU’s decision to admit the former Soviet Bloc countries (in 2004). READ

Dignity of a decent wage

One of the reasons that I ran for government in the last election was because I believe in social justice. I believe that people who work in a full time job should be able to afford the basic necessities of life like housing and food. In Alberta for many years that has not been happening. While wages and have gone up in many sectors, those earning the lowest amount – the ones on minimum wage – have been put in a tighter and tighter squeeze. READ

Reminiscing about the other great Howe

I played hockey against Vern Howe — Gordie’s brother, while serving in our Canadian NATO Brigade in West Germany 1961. (I spent two NATO tours in West Germany in the ’60s). I had been posted to West Germany due to the NATO build up, because of the Berlin Wall Crisis. In August, Russian and American tanks had squared off against each other at Check Point Charlie, the main crossing point between East and West Berlin. During the Cold War, there were 155 serious incidents which could have started the Third World War. READ

Wildrose Party show true colours

Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt was suspended from caucus after saying he was proud of a constituent who congratulated him on telling “the truth about Mr. Wynne or whatever the hell she identifies as.” Fildebrandt later insisted he had not seen the ‘Mr.’ in the social media post, but he surely didn’t miss “or whatever the hell she identifies as.” READ

Safety first when heading out on a motorcycle

I have noticed several times recently, the young beautiful women on their motorcycles without any protective gear on, other than a helmet. I cringe as I see all the exposed skin. Sports bras under sleeveless T-shirts, short shorts and running shoes. I have noticed some young men as well skimpily clad without a care in the world or thought to consequences of a possible split second error. I cringe at the thought of a spill, loss of control, or worse a collision. Yes it happens that quickly. READ

Loaves and Fishes exemplified their mission

On behalf of Red Deer Public Schools, our staff, and our students, I would like to thank Loaves and Fishes for their many years of service to our students and their families. They have provided bag lunches for more than 200 of our students each day, students who would otherwise have gone hungry. It is impossible to quantify the impact this has had on learning, but we know it has been great. READ

Is it legal to push someone off a cliff to their death?

Is it legal to push someone off a cliff to their death? Ever sit on a ledge and think about jumping to your death? Many Canadians would quickly help you get back to safety. Others would help you resolve the issues that brought you to the ledge. It has been illegal to push someone to their death, and cold-blooded murder to push someone off the ledge against their will. But that could all change soon. READ

Response to Suzuki: Feeding humanity in a warming world

David Suzuki is absolutely correct when he says we need to eat. He’s also right to point out that doing so in an environmentally responsible manner is crucial. READ

If the city won't spray, neither will I

I usually have a nice view living on 60th Ave. this year I have been watching a torrent of dandelion seeds fly into the yard from Taylor Drive hill. I have sprayed my lawn once, but after learning the city won’t, I will quit as well. READ

Wildrose Party antics have no place in Legislature

By now everyone has read or heard about the incident in our Provincial Legislature involving visiting Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the spokesman for the Wildrose Party at the time. One truly does not know whether to laugh or cry at such unparliamentary, undiplomatic statements, to put it mildly. I was quite pleased to learn that the perpetrator of the remarks has had his knuckles rapped by his party, even though the party leader had, it is reported, signed off on these remarks ahead of the session. READ

Mustard Seed intends to be a good steward

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are to be coming to Red Deer. The Mustard Seed has been operating as a Christian humanitarian charity in Calgary and Edmonton for more than 31 years, and we look forward to serving Central Alberta as part of an overall community effort to help men and women who are experiencing poverty and homelessness. READ

Let’s get the election over and feel the pain of the new budget

Teflon Jim has finally made a mistake. By stating that we as Albertans have collectively benefited from the oil-revenue-driven Progressive Conservative budget (and pointed out that the provincial employees have been at the front of the gravy train), he has opened up Pandora’s box for the next round of attacks from the opposing parties. READ

More ways to reduce cancer risk

The Red Deer Advocate on Friday, June 6, printed an article, Cancer risk in Alberta can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, outlining a number of ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. READ

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