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Letters to the Editor

It is not OK

Recently I went down to 17th Avenue in Calgary. A homeless man chattering mildly to himself approached the blue bin close by. He brought to mind the severely developmentally disabled men I’ve encountered over the last 43 years where my sister lives at the Michener Centre in Red Deer. The men chattering to themselves, wandering the safe, clean halls of their home at Michener. This man put on a pair of disposable gloves to fish through the bin.

I leaned back into my car in search of food, but by the time I got back out, he was down the street, talking and gesturing to himself. It made me want to cry. I’m not used to seeing homeless people where I live. Nor am I used to seeing uncared for mental illness, which is the overriding factor in being homeless. When the Conservative government tried to force the closure of the Michener Centre years back, I received numerous calls from mental health care workers employed at Alberta Hospital before the Conservatives shut that down. The workers said it tore their hearts out to see their former male clients homeless on the streets of our Alberta cities. READ

Just spend it

Re: “Private health insurance coverage needs a review” by John Have and Robert Brown, September 16, 2016. READ

Cycling rules lacking

I searched around for information on cycling rules in Red Deer. Lax information is available. READ

Carbon tax game changer

Fellow Albertans very hard times are about to fall upon us all. No one will be exempt despite what the Rachel Notley NDP tries to have you believe. READ

Be responsible with alcohol and driving

A Regina police officer pleaded guilty to exceeding a blood alcohol limit of .08 – Not charged, fined $1,000 and is still working. READ

Confusing intersection laws

In the article about the young boy who was hit while riding his bike to school, the Advocate reminded us that cyclists are supposed to walk their bikes across intersections. READ

Pedestrian safety welcomed

Kudos to the The City of Red Deer for investing in nine crosswalk locations to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. I had opportunity today to try out the new RRFB at 40th Avenue and Selkirk Drive. READ

Suicide clarification

A recent headline in the Red Deer Advocate “Enough is enough; Sheldon Kennedy aiding effort to prevent youth suicides in Red Deer” has prompted us to write and offer some clarification. Firstly we applaud the work Sheldon Kennedy is doing in our community – any service to help children is a welcome addition. READ

Beating old drum

“One-two punch against pollution” was the Advocate’s headline on August 31, 2016. READ

Canada needs a Donald Trump

Please allow me to respond to Broken records define the climate crisis (by David Suzuki). Mr. Suzuki goes into quite a lengthy article about climate change and how CO2 is wrecking our climate and our planet. READ

More work needed on Hwy 2A

I remember writing a letter to the editor about this subject sometime in 2014. READ

Good laugh

Re: Aug 26th issue: Just when I thought I was lost in K-cups along comes Cargo Pants – what a breath of fresh air. READ

Good intentions

The civil forfeiture program turns our justice system back 400 years. Back to where a man was assumed guilty unless he could prove he was innocent. The program can also be used to take away the money that a charged man would need to hire a lawyer. READ

Concerned taxpayer

In 2013 my campaign for Edmonton City Council was based on: openness, transparency and accountability, flat fee FOIP requests and respecting our tax dollars. READ

Future looks bright at Red Deer College

Summer is wrapping up at Red Deer College. That means we’re saying farewell to over 25,000 students and community members who spent time with us at a wide variety of youth Summer Camps and adult Series Summer Arts School. READ

Elections Alberta in the dark

On August 12, 2016 the Globe and Mail reported that Jason Kenney “is scouring Alberta for support and cash” and that the NDP has asked Elections Alberta whether these fundraising rules violate provincial spending laws. A similar report was made in the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal on August 11. READ

K-Cups telling

Albertans recently found out that Red Deer-South MLA Barb Miller spent almost $5,000 on K-Cups for the coffee machine in her constituency office. Naturally, neither I, nor the public, was very happy about this. READ

Taking the high road

Talk about being shocked, but not surprised, the Opposition continues to believe that playing politics is more important than supporting Albertans through difficult economic times. READ

A big thank you

My wife and I would like to thank the two gentlemen who stopped and offered to help while we were waiting for an AMA service truck at the intersection of Erickson Dr. and Ross St. around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 12. READ

Parkvale parking lot

Congratulations to Jackpot Casino for their new parking lot which has been well masqueraded as a beautifully treed park. READ

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