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Letters to the Editor

Democracy has gone off the rails

The Fair Elections Act, which is a misnomer if there ever was one, is being debated in our Parliament and could be passed by June.

This act will shut out young voters, people with disabilities and aboriginals, and cause chaos at the polls. READ

Proof the health system works

On March 23 at approximately 7 p.m., I had chest pains which did not go away. A call was made to 911 and within about five minutes, an ambulance and a fire truck arrived at my residence along with four EMS staff. They evaluated my condition and tried to lessen my pain. Thinking I might be having a heart attack, they transported me to the emergency department of Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. READ

Spring is upon us – enjoy it!

What’s that? Geese honking overhead? READ

Running out of economic options

Columnist/economist David Crane is remarkably honest in his assessment of the Canadian economy (Red Deer Advocate, April 2). He identifies the problems, backing them up with facts and figures. But there is no real explanation as to the cause of the current crises or indeed a workable remedy. READ

Horses have a right to thrive

I read with interest Jeff Hanson’s letter Seeking feral horse solutions. It seems that many people are confused whether the free roaming horses on public lands in Alberta are feral horses or wild horses. This is partly because the word feral can be applied to either an individual animal or to an entire species. READ

We can improve democracy now

Re: Dale Watson’s letter to the editor of April 7, titled, In search of true democracy: I agree we need to reform our system. However, proportional representation is not the answer as elites within the political parties still get to choose our representatives. READ

Putin will just keep marching

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird: My grandparents came from the Ukraine and my parents were both born Canadians. My wife’s parents came from Germany, and met and married in Canada. My family is now fifth generation Canadian and on my wife’s side there are four generations of Canadians. I mention this just to show you that we are Canadians and not some kind of an ethnic Canadian. READ

Celebrating volunteer week

April 6 to 12 marks National Volunteer Week in Canada, and Mountain View Seniors Housing would like to sincerely thank its outstanding volunteers, who share their talents and time to make a difference in the lives of our local seniors. READ

Midget Chiefs’ fans poor hosts

As some of your readers probably already know, the Okanagan Rockets eliminated Red Deer’s own Optimist Chiefs in a hard-fought battle last weekend in the major midget Pacific Cup hockey championship that was held in your fair city. My son plays for the Rockets and I, along with about 40 other supportive family members, made the trip to cheer our team on. Even before arriving, we were warned that Red Deer would be a tough building to play in and that we should be prepared to be greeted by a hostile home crowd. READ

Thanks for city trail maintenance

It has been a winter to remember! The Waskasoo Community Association would like to thank the mayor, city council and city staff for continuing to plow and maintain the Waskasoo Park trails and pathways over the winter. READ

Government is real Internet bully

I would just like to voice my strong concern about the way the Harper government continues to erode the personal privacy of all Canadians. READ

God can solve society’s problems

Confident it has come to your attention that we in Canada and citizens of the U.S. are progressively leaning more towards religion and giving more attention to the Bible, the Word of God. READ

RCMP deserve my praise

April Fool’s Day from 2:30 a.m.: mother nature calls. Might as well look out and see what the weather is like: slight skiff, everything else is fine. Fast forward to 5 a.m. Holy cow. I slept in, got an extra half hour sleep for my last day off, check on coffee, check on weather. What the ... my truck is missing. READ

Keep fluoride discussion alive

Congratulations to Danica Champion for continuing the great fluoride debate. In further research of this topic I was directed by a downtown businessman to perhaps the most exhaustively researched book on this subject, written by Christopher Bryson, aptly titled The Fluoride Deception, printed by Seven Stories Press in 2003. READ

Adding up education’s woes

There’s a lot of talk lately about “new” math and “old” math. If I had to distill the math wars down to a simple idea, I would probably say that constructivist (new) math calls for an increase emphasis on understanding while simultaneously calling for a decrease emphasis on direct instruction of facts and algorithms. READ

Thanks to all the volunteers

At this time of National Volunteer Week, April 6 to 12, we at Volunteer Central would like to thank the many volunteers in Central Alberta who dedicate their many talents, skills, compassion, and time to support numerous community programs. Without these tireless individuals, many organizations would not thrive, let alone survive. READ

Another look at residential schools

Recently in all forms of the medium I see the sorrowful plight of the aboriginals ancestors in the residential schools. I wonder if there could be a small other side of the story. Years ago in the 1950s, I chatted with an elderly aboriginal fellow in Wetaskiwin. He told me of being a student in one of the residential schools. He mentioned he was taught reading, writing and number work (number work was his terminology). READ

Thanks for blood service volunteers

Re: National Volunteer Week, April 6-12, 2014 During National Volunteer Week, Canadian Blood Services thanks ( and celebrates the more than 17,000 volunteers who donated 210,000 hours of their time in the last year to support Canada’s blood system READ

Green can mean driving cars

Again I would like to propose the advantages of an autobahn versus a high speed rail line. READ

In search of true democracy

In his letter to the editor on March the 24, Joe Bower observes that many Albertans were ready for a change in the election of 2012 and that two years later even more are ready for change and yet change isn’t happening. Change, he says, will not happen until Albertans elect an alternative to the PC’s and the Wildrose. READ

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