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Letters to the Editor

Tour of Alberta support appreciated

As chair of the local organizing committee for the Innisfail to Red Deer Stage of the Tour of Alberta 2014, I would like to extend my thanks to the many people who made this event possible.

Thanks so much to the members of our local organizing committee; your hard work and dedication were crucial to the success of the day. READ

Traffic court shuffle helps to ease pressure

The Advocate’s article Traffic court move hits bumps, dated July 23 — in which I am quoted — did not convey the full extent of my comments about Red Deer traffic court. READ

Harper’s trips to north are just political campaigning

Sometimes we hear the phrase “There is something rotten in Denmark.” Denmark seems to be doing very well thank you. We might change it to read “There is something rotten in Canada.” READ

No grounds to discredit Suzuki and his foundation

Re: Doug Williamson’s letter about the DavidSuzuki Foundation’s charitable status. Perhaps before discrediting David Suzuki, a reading of his scientific work would be enlightening. He is an esteemed scientist and educator who has spent a lifetime discerning and explaining the complexities of the natural world. As an environmentalist, he speaks from a profound knowledge of the Earth’s natural systems. READ

Moving Michener residents discards our most vulnerable

My brother Larry has lived at Michener Centre for 50 years; he is fragile and unlikely to survive relocation. The reasons are multifaceted and include: When clients leave, continuity of care is completely lost. Clients are non-verbal. READ

Welcome Tour of Alberta to our community

Albertans know our province is home to incredible landscapes and amazing skies. This fall, people all over the world will once again have the opportunity to experience our province’s beauty, when we host the second Tour of Alberta. READ

Encourage safe eye practices

Not so long ago, I expressed my concern regarding not wearing (proper) eye protection to prevent eye injuries and potential vision impairment/blindness after a photograph by one of the Advocate staff was published on the front page of your newspaper. READ

Stop the exodus from Michener Centre before there is more tragedy

It has now been 17 months since the government announced it would be shutting down the Michener Centre in Red Deer. READ

Paving crew’s safety practices could put public at jeopardy

I live on Glendale Boulevard and was observing the work of a paving crew recently with my young son, who was fascinated by the process. As we discussed what was going on and what they were doing. I noticed some very disturbing and unsafe practices going on with the paving employees READ

Natives showed us way to democracy, but we treated them with disrespect

I wish to comment on Chris Salomons’ recent column on residential schools. I can identify so well with your letter and experience. I spent some time in a convent in Williams Lake, B.C., where we went to school, and witnessed native children being brought into the convent from reserves out west of Williams Lake, and the challenges they faced to integrate into our social life. Some of them didn’t READ

Cyclists, motorists must learn to get along

On Aug. 15, Lee Hankey wrote a letter complaining about cyclists. His observations are common among those who dislike bicycles. He states that cyclists bother him when they ride past him on the bicycle paths without ringing a bell. He is right. Cyclists should be warning walkers. It can be very disconcerting to have someone on a bicycle to buzz by without any warning. READ

Red Deer’s waste system falls short

Appalled, disgusted, fit-to-be tied! Just some of the feelings churning through my blood when my empty paint cans, aerosol cans, paint-laden brushes, rollers and trays were turned away from the Red Deer garbage recycling station. The girl at the scales said “you may as well take them home and put them in your own garbage (for free) because unless there is paint in them there cans, it’s all considered household garbage!” READ

A solution for Gaza

Re: Gaza dispute will linger, Red Deer Advocate, Aug. 1 There is, sadly, a lack of condemnation from most of our elected politicians regarding the slaughter of over 2,000 people in Gaza, including 400 children and 50 Israeli soldiers. READ

City taxes simply wasted

I don’t share the opinion that the City of Red Deer puts taxes to good use (City taxes put to good use, letter to the editor by Terry and Maria Boase). READ

Anglin light on AltaLink facts

Re: Joe Anglin about proposed sale of AltaLink to Berkshire Hathaway Energy Wildrose MLA Joe Anglin recently wrote a letter to the editor about the pending sale of AltaLink to Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE). Mr. Anglin’s piece is strong on opinion but light on facts. READ

Albertans just won’t learn

Let’s see: In spite of the earthquake in Rocky and what’s going on in Iraq, last I noticed, the price of a barrel of oil was still under a hundred bucks. And yet, in the middle of the weekend the price of gas is hiked eight cents per litre. To my way of thinking, this kind of makes Alison Redford look like a shoplifter at a dollar store. READ

Will we learn fracking lesson?

Fracking = earthquakes How long is the jury out? Lorna Watkinson-Zimmer Red Deer READ

Cyclists, invest in a bell

“On your left!” This call can sometimes be heard by pedestrians on any one of the many beautiful trails that thread the length and breadth of the City of Red Deer. What does it mean? READ

More of the same from Prentice

Is Jim Prentice walking around with a suitcase full of some sort of prepaid PC membership cards, or is it actual $10 bills that he’s been handing out to anyone he thinks will vote for him? READ

The truth about Suzuki

I want to thank Doug Williamson on the letter to Advocate, Friday, Aug. 15, on David Suzuki. READ

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