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Letters to the Editor

Caution needs to be used in opening up the floodgates to refugees

This is an open letter to our governments on all levels.

I am writing in response to Trudeau’s policy on refugees and the war against ISIS. He is not even in power yet and he is already showing his soft side to the war on ISIS. First he has already declared that he will pull our fighter jets out of the war, and now he has now stated that he will open the floodgates and allow 25,000 refugees from the middle east, into our country by 1 January 2016, without any mention of doing any documentation or security clearances or “weeding out process”. READ

Advocate columnist Salomons inspiring

There are good reasons to read the Red Deer Advocate and one of them is to read the weekly column by Chris Salomons. I know I echo the sentiments of many people when I say each week this very decent caring human being inspires us with his wisdom, words and genuine feeling of concern for others. READ

West in for four rough years with Trudeau government

Congratulations to the new Trudeau Liberal Government. READ

Let’s get the election over and feel the pain of the new budget

Teflon Jim has finally made a mistake. By stating that we as Albertans have collectively benefited from the oil-revenue-driven Progressive Conservative budget (and pointed out that the provincial employees have been at the front of the gravy train), he has opened up Pandora’s box for the next round of attacks from the opposing parties. READ

More ways to reduce cancer risk

The Red Deer Advocate on Friday, June 6, printed an article, Cancer risk in Alberta can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, outlining a number of ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. READ

We all mourn when a soldier falls in service

A Sept. 9 letter to the editor addressed my Sept. 5 Red Deer Life column’s comparison between eco-stunts and IED attacks on our soldiers. READ

Tories can’t be trusted to safeguard health care

In regard to heath care, the government of Alberta, under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach and Health Minister Ron Liepert, could never be accused of being weak in resolve. READ

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