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Letters to the Editor

We don’t need health and happiness, just more plows and dump trucks

I’d like to say how disappointed I am in the city’s job of plowing, again.

I pay my taxes, do you really expect us to drive on snow? READ

Alberta seniors call on province to fix long-term care crisis

Public Interest Alberta’s Seniors’ Task Force released a long-term care position paper this week that calls on the Prentice government to fix the growing crisis in seniors care. READ

Clarifying the Christmas Bureau’s role: a non-profit, independent group

I am a volunteer at The Red Deer Christmas Bureau, also on the executive. We are a 100 per cent volunteer based non-profit organization. READ

Wildrose AGM failed democracy

It concerns me that media reports of the Rimbey/Rocky Mountain House/Sundre Wildrose constituency annual general meeting (Oct. 15) paint a false picture of what actually occurred that night. READ

Suzuki’s position lacks merit

There really is no pleasing the David Suzuki Foundation. Over the years, Canada’s pesticide regulatory system has become more protective of human health and the environment, more transparent and more inclusive of non-governmental organizations. READ

Caribou program a fiasco

The Advocate’s article on the Smokey River caribou fiasco recently was very timely. I commented in it and would like to expand upon it. The program has all the appearance of either science gone mad or being corrupted by industry and government. READ

Proposed bill lacks oversight

Anyone who thinks Bill C-13 is about cyber-bullying needs to read the darn thing, start to finish. READ

New law would violate Constitution

I am concerned about Bill C-13. It has passed through the House of Commons and is now going to the Senate. If it passes there, it will become law. READ

New snow policy is impractical

I just received my notice of the new snow-plowing policy for the City of Red Deer. I live in a “grey” area so the city will plow down the middle of the street, leaving windrows on both sides of the street. READ

More ways to reduce cancer risk

The Red Deer Advocate on Friday, June 6, printed an article, Cancer risk in Alberta can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, outlining a number of ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. READ

We all mourn when a soldier falls in service

A Sept. 9 letter to the editor addressed my Sept. 5 Red Deer Life column’s comparison between eco-stunts and IED attacks on our soldiers. READ

Tories can’t be trusted to safeguard health care

In regard to heath care, the government of Alberta, under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach and Health Minister Ron Liepert, could never be accused of being weak in resolve. READ

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