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Letters to the Editor

Economic winds of change blowing

The rise and fall of the Wildrose Party marks a watershed in the political situation in Alberta. For the ruling Conservatives, it denotes the end of an economically stable period that enabled them to govern with relative ease.

The move to the Conservatives by some of the Wildrose career politicians has left its mark on the electorate who are less than impressed with what they have observed. The reaction to these events has been more than just a feeling of disappointment, there is a questioning that did not exist before. READ

Alberta wolf killings must end

An open letter to the Alberta government: I am not in support of the killing and culls of wolves. There are critical flaws in your logic of slaughtering wolves to protect caribou. The sad reality is caribou are on the way out due to the mismanagement of them for decades now. You have known that issue for 50 years. READ

Putting our snow woes in perspective

Putting snow I believe in the theory of relativity. No, I don’t mean Einstein’s, my own. READ

Snow removal mishandled

It is with interest and regret that we read so many letters and comments about snow clearing in this city. These are clearly deserved and express the true frustration over the mishandling of this issue by the city. Why does this fall on deaf ears with city administration and councillors? READ

City has the equipment to cut through windrows

Re: the recent letters in the Advocate regarding snow removal. I congratulate Marilyn Matthew and Tamas Raba for their letters (the Advocate, Wednesday, Feb. 25). READ

Bad Conservative management just continues under Prentice

In response to Dale L. Watson’s letter: Prentice primed to repeat fiscal mistakes of the past (the Advocate, Thursday, Feb. 19). Watson addresses most points I would have made and I couldn’t agree with him more! READ

Hazlett Lake’s potential can’t be ignored by city

The next time you drive north on Hwy 2, as you pass the Hwy 11A turnoff, look out the passenger window and check out our very own Hazlett Lake. READ

Snow removal strategy just a waste of time, money

Well, another winter and our streets are worst than ever! The City of Red Deer is doing an awful job. We had the first snowfall around Nov. 20. Around Dec. 8 or so, I called the place that deals with complaints and I asked the lady there: “How come downtown is not plowed yet?” READ

Snow removal system senseless, wasteful

I am writing to you in regards to the front page article of the Feb. 13 Advocate: Windrows spark anger. READ

Energy provider issues? Call consumer advocate

Have you ever signed something from a door-to-door salesperson to regret it? Well, I did last November. I signed to have Direct Energy be my new provider for electricity and gas. READ

Put empty public buildings in city to more positive use

On Jan. 31, an article in the Advocate on our women’s shelter, and the increasing need for a bigger shelter detailed cost that is out of this world. Why not recycle? READ

City snow removal program just more waste, bad planning

This is an open letter to all members of Red Deer city council. The main thrust is to try to gain understanding of our current snow removal policies. READ

Keep target shooting in Red Deer’s Canada Winter Games

Thank you for publishing such an positive, accurate and informative article about the Red Deer Fish and Game junior shooters who will be participating in the 2015 Winter Games in Prince George, B.C. (Gunning for gold, Feb. 12, the Advocate). READ

Prentice primed to repeat fiscal mistakes of the past

The headline in the Jan. 15 edition of the Advocate was, ‘We are all in this together.’ It is a quote from Premier Jim Prentice about the consequences of the steep drop in oil prices: much less income from oil royalties, fewer jobs, less capital investment, and less personal and corporate income tax revenue. READ

Thanks to the Golden Circle

I realize this letter is so long after Christmas but not too long I hope to still say how much I, and others, enjoyed our Christmas Eve celebration at the Golden Circle. The spirit of Christmas was certainly there. READ

In praise of South African doctors

A letter in the Feb. 9 Advocate entitled Clean up Alberta’s mess has made me very angry. The letter writer — I won’t give him the dignity of naming him — rants about many things that are very unkind and maybe untrue. One that is particularly offensive is about the South African doctors in our midst. READ

Tory entitlement can be stopped

Premier Jim Prentice’s seemingly bland statement of helplessness, “I don’t know if much can be done at this point. This arrangement was put in place by previous governments” is either a lie, or shows an appalling ignorance of the law. READ

Stop downplaying impaired driving

On Nov, 2, 2013, Jon Wood was in a cab, stopped at a red light in Red Deer, when a pickup truck bore down on it at a high rate of speed and rammed through the reinforced former police cruiser. All the other lanes were open, but the intoxicated driver was seemingly drawn to the brake lights of the taxi. Where Jon sat, alive just seconds before, ceased to exist. Jon never knew it was coming. Lights out, Jon. READ

Protect our religious freedoms

“If it wasn’t for lawyers, we wouldn’t need lawyers,” is a humorous saying, and also somewhat factual. READ

We are a nation of immigrants; newcomers not the root of crime

Re: MPs, MLAs must end crime, Advocate, Feb. 5, 2015. This letter is disturbing because when the author links crime to the problems of the current economic downturn, he incorrectly points to immigration as the root cause. READ

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