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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for quick, caring EMS service in east Red Deer

I would like to thank the Red Deer Emergency Services staff at Station No. 4 on 39th Street and Davison Drive for their excellent service for our 50-plus adult community on Doran and Dunn over the years.

You have always answered our needs quickly and caringly for seniors, and that has been appreciated. READ

Reverse cuts to French, Spanish instruction at RDC

For decades, students have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn French and Spanish at Red Deer College. READ

Congratulations to Miller, and thanks for the support

To the constituents of Red Deer South: What an election campaign! READ

Beware of wolf snares when out in West Country

As a retired problem wildlife specialist with the provincial government, I feel it is my responsibility to warn Albertans of a potentially deadly hazard in the West Country this spring, which could have tragic consequences for those innocently enjoying our public lands. READ

Election result means Alberta can rebuild from the rubble

I’ve been thinking on the new Alberta. A few thoughts keep coming up. — The population that continually elected the 40ish years of PC rule is old now and they have a sense of how they will be treated by that “dynasty” in their twilight years- discarded. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if a ton of them voted anti-PC because of it. READ

Are Conservatives walking the plank across the country?

In 1904, American President Theodore Roosevelt, upon winning his second term, announced he would not be seeking a third term. He explained: “I feel very strongly that a public man’s usefulness in the highest position becomes in the end impaired by the mere fact of too long continuance in that position.” READ

Democracy flexes its muscles, sending the PCs to oblivion

This is so very lasciviously lovely. It is time to rejoice. Rejoice not in the NDP victory in our province, but rejoice moreso in the simple but indisputable fact we, the people, rule. Congratulations to the voters Alberta. Many hearts dance with unadulterated ecstasy with our election results. Well done. This is an unmatched victory for democracy in this province. Floor crossers and Jim Prentice’s appointments hammered at the polls. Alberta voters, take a bow! READ

Music With A Mission was a resounding success

Congratulations to the Rosedale Valley String Orchestra and the Red Deer Youth Orchestra for an outstanding symphony concert, Music With A Mission, held on Saturday, May 2. Approximately 60 musicians brought patrons to tears and to their feet in hall filled with music that was powerfully emotional. READ

Show pride in our city, clean up Festival Hall garbage

We went to the Festival Hall to vote on Tuesday and we were very disappointed to see the garbage and debris all around the hall. One would think that someone would have taken it upon themselves to have that area cleaned up. READ

Supreme Court is wrong; honouring God is essential

I am writing this letter regarding the recent Supreme Court Ruling as to meetings (council or public meetings) and stating that God and prayer be eliminated in those circumstances. READ

An elephant on a chair is not entertainment

What a disgusting picture in Monday’s Advocate. A noble elephant being subjected to a humiliating act of sitting on a chair like a human. READ

Who should we believe about Omar Khadr?

After witnessing Omar Khadr’s friendly demeanour and his straightforward answers before the TV cameras READ

Library offers great variety, and a lesson in geography

Re: the Red Deer Public Library Having a hankering for a smooth Eastwood western film with some ageless culture and underdog humour, I enquired about the DVD availability of The Outlaw Josey Wales. I was told it will be inter-library-loaned and delivered quite shortly. When the DVD arrived I noticed it was from Hays, Alta. Now here’s the thing: where is Hays? READ

History has been made in Red Deer

As a life-long historian, it is always fascinating to observe and be part of the making of history in Red Deer and Alberta. A generation of one-party government (i.e. 44 years) in Alberta has now come to an end. Red Deer has elected not one but two New Democrat MLAs for the first time. We live in very interesting times — events about which much will be written in the coming weeks, months and years. READ

Alberta can look after itself; time to end American influence

Alberta and Alaska both started oil production in 1976. Since then, Albertans have received one cheque for $400 from that oil. Alaskans insisted on a share of the oil income in 1982 and get about $1,000 dividends every year to a current total of $35,143 per person. READ

Rocky’s Alberta Party association not endorsing a candidate

In a letter to the Editor of the Red Deer Advocate April 22, Will Munsey endorsed a candidate in the upcoming provincial election and signed the letter as past president of the Alberta Party. Munsey is free to endorse any candidate he chooses, but by signing his letter as Alberta Party past president, the impression might remain that his endorsement has the support of the Alberta Party. READ

Ignore the PC scare tactics, it’s time for a change in Alberta

I cannot accept that I am merely a pawn to be played in this grand political chess match by a master politician; I also cannot accept being referred to as “sheeple” by foreign pollsters and pundits. READ

Tories have had long enough; we can’t afford any more blunders

For 40 years, the PC Party has directed Alberta and yes, Premier Jim Prentice, we need to take responsibility for that. How many more years should the citizens of Alberta wait until they get it right? READ

Why aren’t candidates showing up at forums?

Last night I attended an election forum in Bentley. I was informed that all candidates were informed well in advance of the date and time. A crowd in excess of 75 people from the surrounding district were present, yet only one candidate, the independent running for re-election as MLA, Joe Anglin was present to field question from the audience. READ

Use the ABC voting principal: anybody but Conservative

Why would anyone in their right mind want to vote for the Alberta Conservatives under Jim Prentice? Scandal after scandal after scandal and they still think they deserve the right to manage our provincial affairs. READ

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