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Letters to the Editor

No good argument to be made in defence of for-profit health care

Re: The time has come for for-profit health care, letter to the editor, Advocate, June 14:

We can relate with sympathy to the situation that Elizabeth Ross finds herself in and however the accident occurred, it should be possible to receive timely care. READ

What are the rules regarding life-jacket use?

I was confused when I read the July 15 Advocate article Exercise caution while floating down the Red Deer River. READ

In defence of golf coupon book decision at River Bend

Re: Tee-Off Coupon booklet and Jane White’s letter to the editor on Friday’s Advocate, Golf coupon not honoured: I read with interest your letter in the Advocate. I also received a copy of an email a few days ago that you had forwarded to our city mayor, which Legislative Services sent along to Todd Fiske, our director of golf. It is clear that you are disgruntled over the decision of our director of golf not to accept your Tee-Off Coupon on a Friday afternoon READ

Thanks for help after vandalism

Imagine my dismay when I went to work on Wednesday after watching the wonderful Westerner Days parade to find that we had been vandalized. READ

Stand up and stop AltaLink sale

Canadian engineering giant SNC Lavalin is selling its entire stake in AltaLink to Warren Buffett’s U.S. company Berkshire Hathaway. The deal is worth $3.2 billion! READ

Where is the irresponsible landlord?

I live on West Park Crescent in Red Deer, across from this eyesore. The tenants moved out weeks ago, and as a result the lawn has yet to be mowed (hasn’t been mowed all summer, as a matter of fact). It is clearly vacant. READ

Strong value system is key

Where are our values? READ

Licence plate change a waste of money

Leave the Alberta licence plate alone. We don’t need a change for change sake. READ

Golf coupon not honoured

To my fellow 2014 Tee-Off Coupon Book users — beware! Yes, it is our very own, city-run River Bend Golf Course in Red Deer I am referring to. READ

In praise of an honest politician

Friends, as I began to draft this article it became apparent that I needed a clear, semantical distinction between the words “career” and “vocation.” READ

City taxes put to good use

We never get annoyed when we have to pay our property taxes because we have seen over the years what they are being spent on. I am sure the city receives a lot of complaints, so for once we thought we should write to give them a huge pat on the back. READ

Control your dogs on the trails

I have recently started using Red Deer city walkways, specifically in the Oriole Park area. They are great — lots of greenery, peace and quiet, the sweet smell of the caragana blossoms, the sounds of birds chirping — all great for physical and mental well-being. Great place to walk and take in the relaxing surroundings. READ

Society faces moral decay

Freedom of speech and expression — a fundamental right in a democracy. Correct? Of course it is correct! In a proven and mature democracy, it is understood and cherished by all thoughtful and honest citizens. READ

City survey manipulative

I recently completed the Red Deer city survey on how we would like our tax dollars to be spent in upcoming years and I want to comment on this. I have helped develop surveys several times in my career and I have found they can be a useful tool in determining general opinion. READ

Time has come for for-profit health care

I’ve always been opposed to for-profit health care — until now. I injured my right knee in November 2013. It was one of those stupid, preventable accidents. They usually are. It can be made better but my knee will never be the same. READ

Leave the Alberta license plate alone

Changing the look of Alberta’s license plate is just a political ploy by the Conservative Party to try divert attention and exposure away from the Wildrose Party. It won’t work. Albertans aren’t falling for it anymore. READ

Temporary Foreign Worker program should have never seen the light of day

This program should never have evolved and seen the light of day. Joyce Constantineau’s article in the Red Deer Advocate of June 30 states all her negative feelings about Canadian workers while on the other hand puts much positive emphasis about the foreign workers she has encountered. From the tone of her comments, I believe she has other issues that are troubling her. READ

All drunk drivers should attend funerals

I just read the story in Saturday’s Advocate (A stunning act of wrongdoing) on the Canada Day 2010 drunk driving accident. READ

Temporary foreign workers should be admired, protected

I would like to address a matter near and dear to my heart, it concerns the temporary foreign workers program. READ

Salomons gets to the heart of the human condition

One of your most valuable columnists is Chris Salomons. He shows the hopeless, the helpless, the addicts, the prostitutes, the weak and the unfortunate as human beings with problems that they are trying to solve as best they can. READ

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