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Accolades for every team member

We were disappointed as a family to read the article on the U14 Rage softball team’s win at Westerns.

As each of us opened the paper to read about the team, we were disappointed to see that the writer chose to focus much of the story on only four of the players.

The theme of the team this year was that it took all players to win a game.

Each player was given a large puzzle piece to bring the message home.

The team played 10 ball games in 4 days in hot weather.

It took all 14 players to win the tournament.

Each player made important plays in the field and contributed with their bats. That’s the only way they could score 11 runs in 1 inning.

All of the players are good athletes and have been dedicated to a busy schedule all season. Most importantly, they are all amazing young people and deserved as much airtime as anyone else.

I hope that the writers of future stories will take the time to consider the feelings of those teammates that have been left out before the story is published.

The team did do something great and they represented Red Deer and Alberta as dedicated and respectful athletes. Too bad they were not all included in the accolades. They deserved it.

Arlene Cassidy

Red Deer

Editor’s note: the entire team, including coaches, was featured in a photo in the Saturday Advocate.

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