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All drunk drivers should attend funerals

I just read the story in Saturday’s Advocate (A stunning act of wrongdoing) on the Canada Day 2010 drunk driving accident.

I want to make you aware of the error in saying the older brother was unable to attend his brothers funeral ... as my own 13-year-old and I attended her friend’s funeral, and we watched two paramedics wheel Jamie Chanminaraj up to his deceased brother’s casket on a stretcher.

The congregation wept audibly as they looked on while for a long, long moment, the surviving brother grappled with farewell along with his own injured state.

Heartbreaking does the memory no justice.

If only Rodney Arens had attended the funeral.

I wish all people who killed others while drunk driving had to attend these gut-wrenching funerals as part of the justice process.

Bailey Coltman

Red Deer

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