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Arrogant Alison must be stopped

Just how much arrogance does Alison Redford and this Alberta Conservative government expect Albertans to swallow? From awarding a plum legal contract to her ex-husband’s law firm, to her breaking election promises to balance the budget, to her unnecessary globe-trotting at the taxpayers’ expense, this premier thumbs her nose at the mere suggestion that she take responsibility for actions. She constantly passes the buck and blames everyone else for her dubious misgivings. Her arrogant sense of entitlement is getting way beyond acceptable.

The latest episode of her spending $45,000 on her presidential style excursion to Nelson Mandela’s funeral is just plain corrupt. If this isn’t enough for Alberta voters to knock Arrogant Alison off her lofty perch and drive a long deserved nail in the Conservative coffin, then Albertans deserve everything their complacence and apathy gets them.

Alberta is probably the wealthiest of the provinces but also has the worst in the health-care delivery and is amongst the lowest in education scoring in Canada. And the way they treat our senior citizens is disgusting and deplorable. So what does that tell you? Well it tells me that those we elected to care for the well-being of everyone in the province have more regard for the profit margins of the rich and powerful than they have for its average working and needy citizens.

The lack of respect and concern for the Alberta taxpayers didn’t start with the Conservatives under Redford’s leadership but it certainly can end with her. It’s time to give another party a chance to run this province. One that will open up the books to the public to let us see where and how the Conservatives have been squandering our money and hold them accountable.

Whether it be the Wildrose, the NDP or the Liberals, we need a governing party that will stop the misuse of taxpayer dollars and end the corruption in Alberta politics.

Dale Stuart

Red Deer



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