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Budget math is atrocious

Does our illustrious minister of Finance believe that Albertans are ignorant and cannot add concerning the $8-billion debt and escalating to $21 billion by 2017?

If Albertans ran their finances like our provincial government, we’d be in dire straits and would require borrowing. But no, our government tells us to tighten our belts and what do they do?

Spend, spend, spend and borrow, taking us back further in debt.

We were so proud when Ralph Klein took us into the black!

I certainly hope that when election time comes, Albertans will remember all the useless expenses our elected officials have taken at our expense.

I think that as an Albertan, we should have a referendum on whether our provincial government should even consider borrowing, when they can’t pay for all their expenses out of their gigantic high salaries. Maybe then they would be a little more frugal and dole out more revenue towards the people who put them in office.

Albertans, start adding up all the debts our provincial government has and will incur, then do something!

Louise Paquin




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