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City taxes put to good use

We never get annoyed when we have to pay our property taxes because we have seen over the years what they are being spent on.

I am sure the city receives a lot of complaints, so for once we thought we should write to give them a huge pat on the back.

Recently, the city re-graded our back lane and one of the workers showed me that my easement had spread too wide and under the new bylaws my garbage container, which has sat there for the past 11 years, was now illegal.

The crew helped me move a lot of small grey stone I had put down to prevent weeds and then helped me to dismantle my “illegal” garbage container, including the paving stones that were beneath it.

They told me they would have the remnants removed for me and that they would handle the rest of what was needing to be done.

The next day when we looked out into our back alley, what a difference: everywhere was neat and tidy, old grass cuttings, tree branches and bits of garbage were all gone.

The surface was level and now covered with clean yellow gravel that had been rollered flat.

So hats off to our city council to move forward on this huge, expensive project that will take quite a few years to complete.

Special thanks to the crew who worked on our lane, they could not have been more helpful or accommodating and they did a great job!

We now challenge all our neighbours to keep our “new” back lane looking the way it does today.

Of course, the same challenge goes out to all to all our fellow Red Deer residents for the years to come.

Terry and Maria Boase

Red Deer

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