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City’s priorities skewed

In response to Thursday’s Advocate article, Plowing falls short: Yes this type of snowfall is unusual, but as well we live in Alberta — this is predicable. As a taxpayer and a citizen of this community, I find it hard to comprehend the mindset at City Hall. It was a bare-bones budget, yet we talk about a $90-million pool, a $17-million roundabout, etc.

What I fail to understand — where is the common sense, logic? We will have major snowfall (now think ahead, what will happen in the spring?) Why can city council not see this?

I voted for Tara Veer — after her fight with the methane gas fiasco, I thought she would realize what our basic needs are. We want snow removal, we want noise reduction, we want environmental responsibility, we want a safe city, we want to end homelessness, and we want to care for our citizens from the very youngest to the oldest.

All the above should be a priority.

We have winter eight months of the year or longer. We want to drive safely and comfortably.

We don’t want frivolous items, for when you don’t care for the basics everything else becomes frivolous. I have a budget — I don’t build a pool before I have a tub, I don’t build a driveway when I have no car, I don’t buy the butter before I have the bread. The pool and the roundabout become frivolous if we can’t clear the snow in the roundabout. Ah, the familiar sound of people being stuck has woken me frequently lately. The bike lanes that no one can see — unused. Covered with a windrow.

I could go on and on regarding this.

Coun. Paul Harris spoke about foresight. Where was the foresight when the Collicutt Centre was built? My kids are adults; they were swimming in an Olympic-sized pool in Prince Albert when they were children. How can we forget the cost overruns on that project? With our history, this pool will likely end up costing $150 million.

Same with the roundabout: why did we not have the foresight to build it before we developed a subdivision?

Our taxes are higher or comparable to Edmonton and Calgary, yet Edmonton clears snow in residential areas within a week, at least they try.

Could the city not predict during the warm spell that we were driving through cookie dough — when that stuff froze, we would be in a mess. I had the foresight to predict that: four-by-four out of your close and get shaken liver syndrome.

Lucille Gaumond

Red Deer



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