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Don’t judge my good work based on one man’s criticism

Re: Darrel Morrow’s letter to the editor of July 29, 2014

One of the fundamental principles of justice in our society is that a person has the right to defend their honour against unjust criticism. This is most particularly so when it is printed publicly, and especially in today’s Internet age when it can spread globally within minutes through digital posting on a website.

My commitment to and accomplishment of quality customer service has a lengthy track record that goes far beyond wishing it were so! I have worked the floor of restaurants, bars, neighbourhood pubs, hotels, and clubhouses for 35 years and through that hospitality career advanced into supervisory and senior management roles precisely because of my commitment to quality customer service and because the teams I have led have far more often than not achieved it.

I have put in thousands of hours and many around the clock days into meeting and exceeding the vast majority of my patron’s needs and service expectations. One man’s negative experience, even that of several dozen, should not be allowed through a Letter to the Editor to tarnish that reputation of commitment to serving thousands upon thousands of people well over several decades. I have a binder full of testimonial letters of appreciation from past and present patrons for the quality service that I have and do deliver with regularity.

Over the past 25 years, I have also worked with, advised and guided boards for not-for-profit organizations, and in the past 15 years for boards in the golf industry. I have served them all well, and have been appreciated for it throughout the past quarter century. I can provide testimonials for that, too.

I do apologize to those who feel that they have been served badly by me! I know in my heart of hearts you are in the minority, but as is often the case in life, the vocal minority will usually be heard from the most.

Andrew Gilchrist

Red Deer

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