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Emergency treatment lacking

Recently, I suffered a medical emergency near Rocky Mountain House and was taken to the hospital there. The doctors arranged for me to be transferred to Red Deer by ambulance.

We arrived there, never spoke to a doctor personally, but did hear a doctor raking the EMTs over the coals ... and not very nicely!

These young men were doing their job, and very well, I might add.

Although I understand emergency can get pretty busy, I don’t believe there is any excuse for that behaviour from a professional.

Long story short, I was taken back to Rocky never even having spoken to a Red Deer doc, was supposed to have had a test the next morning, but the paperwork was conveniently lost.

In my opinion, that’s a very shoddy way to run an emergency, considering that the outlying areas rely on that.

I must take the opportunity to thank the EMTs and the ambulance driver, all out of Caroline, as well as the doctors in Rocky for their assistance and caring.

Julie Zwarich

Armstrong, B.C.

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