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End of the line for Alberta Tories

I am totally amazed at how the Conservatives in this province feel their entitlement to obscene salaries and severance packages prompts them to jump from one ridiculous squandering of taxpayers’ dollars to another.

Less than two years after they put a three-year freeze on wage hikes to senior management, they turn around and give them a seven per cent increase.

Were they hoping the taxpayers in Alberta wouldn’t notice?

This government has no respect or regard for Albertans or the taxes we’re forced to pay. Not even Tory leadership hopefuls Thomas Lukaszuk, Ric McIver or Jim Prentice are critical of this taxpayer ripoff.

But that’s OK. It’ll be just another nail in the Conservative coffin in the next election.

I hope you opposition MLAs are keeping a tally of all the indiscretions these Conservative scam artist are trying to pull off. Maybe they know the end of their reign is near so they’re filling pockets with all the loot they can weasel away before they have to get outta Dodge.

Dale Stuart

Red Deer

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