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Gas prices need to be investigated

The other day on the web the average U.S. price per gallon of regular gasoline is $3.42 in Yuma, Ariz. (the lowest price there is #2.89). A U.S. gallon is 3.8 litres, so an average litre retails at 90 cents.

The price of a litre of gas where I fill in Alberta is a $1.14.9 per litre, with some stations in our area in the $1.20.9 range. Quite a difference!

The reason for the latest Alberta increase at the pumps has been blamed on “marketing factors.” The wholesale-retail spread was squeezing the operator dry, so time to squeeze the customers a little more.

Do we need a commission to investigate gasoline marketing and pricing in Alberta? Or in all of Canada? With the difference between here and the U.S., something is obviously broken and needs fixing.

Isn’t this why Petro-Canada was set up back in Pierre Trudeau’s wage and price control days? Is it time for Petro-Canada to swing into action and save us from the gas price squeeze on our wallets?

Wait! I just remembered that Petro-Canada was sold to Sunoco.

T.N. Grover




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