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God can solve society’s problems

Confident it has come to your attention that we in Canada and citizens of the U.S. are progressively leaning more towards religion and giving more attention to the Bible, the Word of God.

The media is evidently making this connection and realizing the potential of financial gain. Time magazine, for instance, has a beautiful glossy edition with the cover showing an artist conception of what Jesus may have looked like with the question, “Who do you say that I am?” National Geographic likewise has a front cover with a presumed likeness of Jesus entitled, Jesus and His Apostles.

Then we have a number of books — most notably Bill O’Rielly’s entitled Killing Jesus, which for more than six months is still a New York Times best seller. Presently in one of our city’s theatres a fascinating film can be seen entitled The Son of God.

The producers anticipated the initial showing would gross $16 million and were surprised and delighted it grossed $27 million. Surely that fact and what I’ve noted above substantiates the world conditions causes the general public to look deeper for answers, and want to know more about this man called Jesus, and we in turn are drawn to what the Bible tells about Him.

It is reasoned to say world conditions are chaotic and those of us who daily read the news and watch TV news anchors can’t help but be concerned. Fair to say, the news puts all thinking people on edge, for we are presently truly living in a crazy, mixed up world.

What pray tell does the future hold? Is there any hope, anything which can ease our minds? Yes there is! Recently we became acquainted with material from Bible scholar David Jeremiah, a highly respected speaker and No. 1 best selling author and a close associate with well-known evangelist Billy Graham. One of my friends stopped by and gave me a set of Jeremiah’s latest DVDs entitled How shall we now live, and his latest book, Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World.

Truly excellent material wherein, “based on what Jesus foretold and Bible prophecy reveals,” Jeremiah outlines, “What in the world is going on.”

Viewing his DVDs or reading his books will calm your hearts and minds and reassure you that God and his amazing word, the Bible, has all the answers and offers calm assurance. You can’t go wrong on that and I suggest you give this serious thought.

Peter C. Hansum

Red Deer

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