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Golf coupon book publisher takes blame for mix-up

I wanted to refer to your letter to the editor of July 18 and also to the letter to the editor of July 29. I am the owner of the Tee-off Golf Coupon book and wanted to make it very clear that the River Bend Golf Course was in no way responsible for the error in the book as it was printed.

Unfortunately, our proof reader did not add under the coupons that the offer at the golf course was valid only Monday to Wednesday, excluding holidays.

I have been in the golf business for almost 40 years and River Bend Golf Course and especially Todd Fiske have been excellent partners of ours for years and I apologize to anyone who played there as this was Tee-off’s fault and not that of the golf course.

I am more than prepared to give Jane White and Darell their money back and my email address is below.

Again my apologies to the golfers affected by our error and especially to Todd Fiske and River Bend Golf course for this error on our part. The golf course has the ability to change the offer at their discretion and all these offers and prices are subject to change.

I can be contacted at to discuss this with any golfer.

Jim Loftus

Delta, B.C.

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