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Government is real Internet bully

I would just like to voice my strong concern about the way the Harper government continues to erode the personal privacy of all Canadians.

First they tried to hide Internet spying legislation under the guise of protecting children from child pornographers when they really wanted an unregulated way to spy on our Internet and cellular activities.

Now they are bringing back the exact same legislation under Bill C-13, which they are now claiming is intended to prevent Internet bullying.

On top of that, the Harper government wants to sign the secret Trans Pacific Pact (TPP), which would introduce even more draconian rules governing the Internet and copyrights, all without any public input. Leaked early versions of this document show that kids could be sent to jail just for downloading and whole families could be kicked off the Internet at the slightest infraction.

Our service providers would be required to keep vast amounts of information on our Internet activities and act as Internet police by monitoring and censoring our Internet activities.

All of this activity would, of course, add to our already inflated Internet service costs. The TPP is strongly backed by the U.S. government who brought you the recent NSA spying scandal where Edward Snowden revealed how much of the U.S. and Canadian privacy laws are bring ignored.

In the end, the only ones protected would be the media conglomerates.

I could go on about the other negative aspects of these two pending pieces of legislation but I would encourage you all to investigate more of this for yourselves. is a good information source, but first your should ask our MP, Earl Dreeshen, why he has been silent on these subjects and exactly what his stand is in these regards.

I encourage each and every Canadian to learn more about the TPP at

Ron Baugh

Red Deer

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