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Green can mean driving cars

Again I would like to propose the advantages of an autobahn versus a high speed rail line.

I don’t recall ever mentioning the terms autobahn and Ferrari in the same sentence. An autobahn is not about Ferraris. It’s about the average, responsible driver who drive clean-burning four-cylinder sedans that thanks to modern technology are able to achieve 35 miles per gallon while driving 160 km/h. It appears that some environmentalists would rather spend a dollar to save five cents that will take 100 years to recoup for the sake of optics that will attach their name to the “green train.”

Maybe some politicians/ activists just want their name attached to the project and then typically after they put their silver shovels in the ground, walk away from the cost.

By using the technology available now — efficient four-cylinder cars — you are being green.

We don’t have the population.

Asphalt is easy to repair and maintain.

Rob McIver

Red Deer

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