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Harper deserves great credit

Re: Garfield Marks letter to the editor of Aug. 15:

I find Garfield Marks’ remarks offensive and unfounded.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has brought our country out of a recession and out of debt, making us the envy of the world.

But sadly there will always be those people who, instead of giving Mr. Harper praise for a job well done, will never stop complaining.

In all of these years Mr. Harper’s opponents have been unsuccessful in digging up dirt on him, except perhaps for someone he made the mistake of hiring.

I like to give credit where credit is due and not complain just for the sake of complaining, and arguing whether black is white.

Instead of condemning every move our government makes, there should be co-operation and not wasting billions of dollars bickering.

As in the past, I remember the Senate full of Liberals, spending all winter in Mexico and the U.S and attending perhaps two or three meetings per year.

Yet when the PCs tried some of the same tactics, that’s all we heard about for the next year.

The West was booming until Pierre Trudeau imposed the National Energy Program. Unforgivable! Within three months, every one was bankrupt.

Our business took 13 years of struggling to survive.

All we need is another Trudeau and we can kiss our job’s goodbye!

This is a great time to take over our government.

Our country is out of recession and out of debt!

For the next four years, Justin Trudeau would have a ball ... then bring back the Conservatives to fix the mess!

Mr. Marks, your remark about Harper getting only two seats requires a wager.

I will give you 10 to one odds. I do not believe all of the people in Canada are fools.

William Welikoklad

Red Deer

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