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Harper needs to retire

Prime Minister Stephan Harper is a fan of hockey and its history. He has seen great athletes stay too long in the game. Hockey is a game with players as is politics a game with players. There is a best-before date for players in both games.

Harper sees the writing on the wall. He is missing the net just a bit more often; the A-team is not passing him the puck as often. Fewer fans asking for autographs, his name is being omitted from the columns and the subject of retiring is brought up regularly.

He will go down fighting, he will deny it, he will resist it but he sees the writing on the wall. Negotiations and preparations for a leadership race have begun, though informally, but teams are talking, venues are being sought, and the arm-twisting has begun.

Whether it be January or March, the announcement will be given, the posturing will start, the obligatory toasts will be raised, the praises printed and the race will begin. An interim Prime Minister Flaherty may be announced, and that is being considered even now.

Conservative MPs across the nation are weighing their odds on re-election and their own best-before date, and many will retire on before the next election.

There will be many who have ridden Harper’s coattails and with little self-confidence will try to keep Harper from retiring, for selfish reasons. Others are eagerly awaiting the announcement after deciding that having a new leader will be the only way to get re-elected as a Conservative.

Harper sees the clock, knows the third period is winding down, the regular season is over, seeing that the Stanley Cup will be going to another team, he knows it is time to go.

Good bye Stephan Harper.

Garfield Marks

Red Deer



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