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Harper’s trips to north are just political campaigning

Sometimes we hear the phrase “There is something rotten in Denmark.” Denmark seems to be doing very well thank you.

We might change it to read “There is something rotten in Canada.”

I am referring to the trip to Northern Canada by our prime minister.

Recently, when the public learned that our Alberta premier was using public money for personal and political purposes, the public howled and our resigned.

Now I look to Ottawa.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is travelling all over the north at public expense. Yes, each day he makes a pronouncement about something. One day it was about Syria and Iraq, another day about agriculture, and so the pronouncements go on. Each one could have been made a whole lot cheaper from his office in Ottawa.

So why the trip?

Is it so that he can meet with his political followers and make speeches in which he boasts about the activities of his government and in the same speech he runs down an opposition party and its leader?

He is not meeting with ‘the public,’ only with carefully chosen followers.

If this is not political campaigning at your and my expense, then I do not understand what is.

Why are we not howling for him to resign as we did for Alison Redford? The whole thing troubles me.

Alice Williamson

Red Deer

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