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Keep fluoride discussion alive

Congratulations to Danica Champion for continuing the great fluoride debate. In further research of this topic I was directed by a downtown businessman to perhaps the most exhaustively researched book on this subject, written by Christopher Bryson, aptly titled The Fluoride Deception, printed by Seven Stories Press in 2003.

The book takes us back to the Second World War, the Atomic Energy Commission and the Manhattan Project. The development of the atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima, required the enrichment of uranium, the processing of which used fluoride, the compound of florine, one of the most toxic elements in the world.

These processes required huge manufacturing facilities to be set up in Iowa. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Tennessee. The smoke and venting of fumes from these factories, the devastation to the surrounding farmland and cattle, and the havoc on the workers themselves, and the resulting lawsuits, are well documented from the now declassified records of government, industry and educational institutions.

From the record of these declassified papers, the book clearly shows the connection between the government, industry, scientists and educational institutions, both during and after the war, and the secrecy required, conflict of interests, and the need to dispose of the toxic wastes of the manufacturing operations.

With most of the scientists, government personnel and industry leaders of that era now deceased, perhaps it is possible, and just a matter of time, that this whole fluoride deception joins the ranks of the thalidomide, lead in gasoline, smoking and asbestos bans.

To our dentists, Dr. Hardy Limeback, of the Preventive Dental Research department of the University of Toronto, would agree with you that the topical application of fluoride on teeth may have some benefit. But he does not agree that we should continue to flush toxic hydrofluorosilicic acid from our fertilizer and aluminum industries through our bodies.

Online research directed me to a team of scientists who conducted research experiments on school-age children. Naturally occurring fluoride, of varying intensity in drinking water, was consumed by these children, and the result correlated with intelligence of these children. They came to the conclusion that no amount of fluoride would be safe for human consumption.

Gordon Arthur

Red Deer



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