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Leave the Alberta license plate alone

Changing the look of Alberta’s license plate is just a political ploy by the Conservative Party to try divert attention and exposure away from the Wildrose Party. It won’t work. Albertans aren’t falling for it anymore. We are tired of the Conservative lies, deception, and a total disregard for Albertans in general. This will just drive another nail in the Conservatives coffin in the next election. So go for it.

But of course there obviously isn’t any consideration for the wallets of Alberta having to pay for these new plates. However that is nothing new.

The Conservatives have never had any regard for the financial well being of the people of this province.

Unless you own a large corporation or a big oil or natural gas company that

supports them financially then you may as well be invisible.

Leave the Alberta license plate the way it is. You can put a reflective coating on the existing one to make it more visible.

And then of course there’s the question of Alberta traditions, logos, slogans, and the identity of our province. The wild rose is our provincial flower.

It is part of our culture and heritage.

Dale Stuart

Red Deer

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