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Loaves & Fishes in desperate need of cutlery

The Loaves & Fishes Benevolent Society is in desperate need of silverware donations. Forks are the most important but all silverware is required.

I was working at this incredible facility yesterday that feeds the less fortunate and we were literally washing the silverware that had already been used at that meal in order to feed the arriving guests. This time of year the society experiences a shortage of utensils as they may be feeding travellers or other guests that are camping outside now the weather is finally better and they require them to survive.

If you go to a garage or yard sale and there are utensils for sale, consider asking for a donation or purchase these and donate them yourself. They can be dropped off at Loaves & Fishes between 8 and 4 Monday to Friday. Their address is 6002 54th Ave.

They perform an essential service catering to the less fortunate and it breaks my heart that families with young children also use this service. No one should ever go hungry in our society while others have so much that we can share.

It has been 20 years since Loaves & Fishes grew from the vision of two dedicated people passionate about helping others, to the ministry that quietly continues to change the lives of many people today.

Loaves & Fishes is a registered, non-profit charitable organization. They work with staff, volunteers and other agencies in the city to provide services, programs and solutions to minimize the suffering that is associated with addiction, homelessness, crisis trauma, abuse (be it physical, mental or substance related) and loneliness.

Some of the issues affecting the hungry, physically and mentally abused, drug/alcohol afflicted, homeless, poor and disadvantaged are: providing sufficient nourishing food, safety from oppression and discrimination, counselling, shelter, justice and education.

It is their mandate and their belief that it is the responsibility of all to help the less fortunate. They are so passionate about what they do because, very simply, people need help!

They are also in need of financial support to continue their ministry. Please consider also helping out meeting this need.

R. Dean Cowan

Red Deer

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