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No evidence bike lanes needed

Red Deer city councillors have finally made the right decision by approving the removal of bike lanes from 39th Street and restoring it to two lanes of traffic in each direction.

Some bike enthusiasts are going to try to persuade council to reverse this decision. Do any of them use the bike lanes on 39th Street?

In a letter to the Advocate last year I challenged a city councillor and/or a bike enthusiast to spend a day on 39th Street, except when some special event was happening, and count the number of bikes using that section of roadway, then report it publicly.

I did not see any response to that challenge and believe the reason being they are aware very few cyclists would be seen there.

I travel by vehicle on 39th Street frequently and as stated previously, seldom see a bike on there and if so they are almost always on the sidewalk and not in the bike lane.

It will be a long time before there are enough cyclists in that area to warrant any more changes.

Al Coker

Red Deer

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