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No grounds to discredit Suzuki and his foundation

Re: Doug Williamson’s letter about the DavidSuzuki Foundation’s charitable status.

Perhaps before discrediting David Suzuki, a reading of his scientific work would be enlightening. He is an esteemed scientist and educator who has spent a lifetime discerning and explaining the complexities of the natural world. As an environmentalist, he speaks from a profound knowledge of the Earth’s natural systems.

The David Suzuki Foundation works to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. The DSF continually supports and funds a wide variety of environmental research, constantly seeks solutions, and promotes public participation in projects that will help save our environment. This non-vested-interest organization merits our support.

We are amazed that there are those who still do not accept the overwhelming evidence regarding climate change that the majority of reputable research scientists from around the world have found.

We have very little time left to reduce the impact of global warming. The problem is real and extremely grave. Not only our way of life but civilization itself is at risk.

Laura and Gordon


Red Deer

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