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No room for altruistic, socialist do-gooders now

Canadians can surely be grateful to our all-wise government for removing any feelings of obligation to donate to charitable organizations dedicated to making life better for our poor neighbours. We can now happily keep that money in our own pockets, where the government always says it belongs, without having to worry about the poor any more.

One can assume that this all-wise government has plans to improve the lives of the genuinely poor in Canada, in order to lift them to the level of the rest of the tax-paying populace. Obviously those who are not already poor (merely on the brink) will simply have to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, just like the rest of us. We certainly cannot be expected to put any more of our hard earned dollars into improving those lives.

This leaves only the “right” choices for those less-wise Canadians who are still altruistic enough to want to help alleviate poverty — to use the correct word. We can now be assured that organizations we might select for our largesse are politically neutered and only assist the right section of the population — those most likely to overcome their short-term straitened circumstances, of course. None of the likes of that Oxfam bunch, for sure!

So, no tax increases needed for the rest of us, no tugs at our consciences, none of this socialistic do-gooder stuff. In one stroke, Conservative doctrine triumphs over any left-lib bleeding hearts who persist in believing that Canada ought to be a compassionate and egalitarian member of the global community.

Our all-wise leaders are not afraid to demonstrate to the rest of the world how things need to be done in a society that values only the most compliant and self-sustaining of its citizens.

And they have really set us a perfect example of financial smarts and ethical behaviour — in every area. Lucky us!

Bonnie Murray

Red Deer



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