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Politicians should honour troops

Last week, in the Advocate and Advocate Friday Forward there were a total of four political ads by Cal Dallas, Mary Anne Jablonski and Earl Dreeshen for various reasons but actually for political purposes.

None were as important as the one ad that was missing. Who paid for all these ads? Was it done out of office funds or out of party funds?

What a waste of taxpayer funds for political purposes.

The real reason for this letter is that they all missed an ad for our soldiers on Friday, May 9. These men and women of our armed forces spent 12 years of their lives going to a foreign country, getting killed, shot to hell, loosing limbs and coming home with PTSD and then, when they are home, they have to fight their own government for their rights and dues.

These men and women should have been thanked profusely for their sacrifices to our country and for our benefit so we can continue leading our lives in freedom and comfort and security. Their extended families, husbands, wives, moms and dads along, with the rest of their families, should have been included in the ‘honour ads’ for their losses of their sons and daughters, etc.

Although the ceremonies were heart touching to watch, I feel that it’s the politicians who wanted this for their photo-ops, which is the wrong reason. This was to be strictly about and for our troops and their extended families.

This is a black eye for our politicians and our local paper for not putting ads in our local paper honouring all these people on Friday, May 9.

God bless our soldiers and all first responders. There are a lot of good people out there serving our country and us.

Shame on all of you mentioned above, including our opposition leaders, for not putting out the ads to honour our troops and their extended families.

I am ticked off.

E.T. (Tom) Skoreyko

Red Deer

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