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Proof the health system works

On March 23 at approximately 7 p.m., I had chest pains which did not go away.

A call was made to 911 and within about five minutes, an ambulance and a fire truck arrived at my residence along with four EMS staff. They evaluated my condition and tried to lessen my pain. Thinking I might be having a heart attack, they transported me to the emergency department of Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.

They called ahead to the hospital and on arrival there, I was met by a group of doctors and nurses who immediately took over, carried out many tests and determined I was in fact having a heart attack.

They called STARS Air Ambulance and within the hour, I was on my way to the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton. Red Deer emergency department had called ahead and a little after 10 p.m., I was in a room in the Edmonton hospital where an angiogram test was carried out on my heart.

By approximately midnight, I was comfortably located in a bed in the cardio care unit with no notable pain.

During the next three days, I had a few electrocardiograms, an echocardiogram, an MRI and a few new medications prescribed. Many doctors discussed my situation and decided on what was needed.

On the fifth day, I was released to go home. How could the health system possibly work any better?

I would like to thank with my whole heart all the people involved in my recovery.

The EMS staff who initially picked me up and transported me to the hospital; the staff at the emergency department at the Red Deer hospital who determined my condition and sent me on; thanks to STARS Air Ambulance and crew, who quickly had me on my way to Edmonton’s Royal Alex Hospital; and finally, to the doctors and nurses at Royal Alexander, who looked after me and quickly helped me with my problem, fixed it and had me home within five days.

Thank you with all my “heart” everyone.

Bob Blumeschein

Red Deer

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