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Putin will just keep marching

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird:

My grandparents came from the Ukraine and my parents were both born Canadians. My wife’s parents came from Germany, and met and married in Canada. My family is now fifth generation Canadian and on my wife’s side there are four generations of Canadians. I mention this just to show you that we are Canadians and not some kind of an ethnic Canadian.

I have written to you in the past regarding the Ukraine and now I’m writing again. Not only for the Ukraine but also for all the other countries that were under forced domination and control by the former Soviet Union communist system. During this time of occupation by the Russians, the Russians put their elite communist people into those countries to control them. When communism fell apart, those elite group of communists were left behind and really don’t care to be Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians or any other country the communists controlled. They still want to be Russians.

These people don’t really belong in these countries as they are there without authority or permission to be in them. They should have the option of declaring allegiance to the country they are in or get shipped back to the Russian mainland.

Now Ukraine proper. Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t have a land route to the Crimea and he wants one. His plan, in my opinion, is to stir up enough trouble in eastern Ukraine between the Ukrainian people and the Russian leftovers and to use that dispute to intervene militarily. He will use that dispute excuse to invade eastern Ukraine, where all the Russian communists are stating that he had to do it to restore peace, all the while using that excuse to get more territory for a land route to the Crimea.

Can NATO and the free world not see what is happening or can they see but are too mesmerized or lack the fortitude to do anything about it?

The situation in Ukraine will not improve and Russia will invade. Do we have the fortitude to stop it now or are we going to let it happen?

Canadians don’t want another war and I’m sure that Europe doesn’t want another war but if we keep letting Putin get away with his antics, he will keep advancing, taking us for weak. Are we? Are we going to allow Putin another move, or two or three, before we put a stop to him?

Are we going to allow him to take over Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and other countries again?

There are a lot of questions and likely no right answers but something has to be done because Putin won’t stop unless we stop him. He was, is and always will be a communist. That’s the mentality you have to deal with.

Tom Skoreyko

Red Deer

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