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Rats in Alberta’s halls of power

Medicine Hat isn’t the only place with rats. There’s a sorry bunch of them in Edmonton as well, gnawing away on public sector pensions, seniors, disabled, education, health care, etc. — the list goes on and on.

The worst part is, Albertans voted them in — we feed their insatiable appetite

I wonder what Alison Redford will get as her golden handshake — nothing will surprise me with this bunch’s history.

The constant erosion of dignity, human rights, etc., will set this province back to the dark ages.

The only way to eliminate the pest is to vote in the next election. We need to fight for what we lost.

Premier Dave Hancock, your apology does not wash. You all agreed and let her, are you taking us for fools?

Redford is not the scapegoat — each and every member of this government is responsible. Don’t hide in the anonymity of a party, the government.

You are like rats deserting the ship. The party let her destroy what Albertans hold dear: our humanity. Is this a democracy when so many fought so hard to keep Michener Centre open — there’s previous history there, it happened to the Jews.

To quote Shakespeare, “Hide not thy poison in such sugared words” — Henry V1 Part 2.

As for the bike lanes, a very small minority dictating to the majority — and the majority paying for it. Other parts of the world don’t have winters like we do.

Ah, summer is here finally — sounds of loud mufflers, loud music. If you listen closely, you might hear a bird sing, maybe you might have a moment when you can enjoy your deck without the noise infiltrating every aspect of your life.

Lucille Gaumond

Red Deer

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