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Riverside Meadows issues revolve around respect

Today I took a walk in a park in my community of Riverside Meadows. The park is adjacent to People’s Place and Loaves and Fishes.

I couldn’t believe the garbage and people using the space for camping. I feel sad at the disrespect shown to the community.

The community is home to many different cultures, hard working families and singles, people in need of care.

Agencies that are responsible residents of people coming to their facilities need to take responsibility for their clients and make the community a safer, cleaner place to live for all the residents.

As a resident of the neighbourhood when we were first approached about People’s Place needing a place for their clients to have temporary housing, we reluctantly accepted that yes, this could happen.

Loaves and Fishes wasn’t part of the agreement.

Residents had no say about this.

There was an negotiated agreement that there would be meals three days a week and not be open all day.

In the past while, because of the change in operation, the people using the facility has increased and the clientele has also changed.

We need agencies and residents to make changes to improve the neighbourhood, to be safer and cleaner for all who live here and come to the community.

This letter isn’t about NIMBY — this about lack of respect.

We aren’t Lower Harlem as some police officers have called the neighbourhood (disrespectful) not Lower Fairview as city staff and others call the community. The legal name is Riverside Meadows.

The community has an ex-nursing home; Alberta Health Services allows the facility to sit idle and attract vagrants and problems for the residents adjacent to the facility.

We need an answer to the future of the facility.

The zoning is for a seniors facility or single family housing.

Please think about where you live and show respect.

Shirley Hocken

Red Deer

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