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Society faces moral decay

Freedom of speech and expression — a fundamental right in a democracy. Correct?

Of course it is correct! In a proven and mature democracy, it is understood and cherished by all thoughtful and honest citizens. Throughout history, many thousands of soldiers have died honourably in defence of such freedoms.

But you might be surprised to know that a sizable portion of Canadian adults want to suppress freedom of thought, speech and expression. In fact, they are willing to give up freedoms to get their way.

Why? Because they are afraid of opposition, afraid of being exposed as intolerant and unfair — in other words, afraid of truth. They have found that living in self-delusion is a happy way to live, much easier than facing reality and facing their own conscience.

The June 19 Advocate published an article that should have been given a headline status but was relegated to a short column on Page 3. Why? Don’t ask.

The article briefly covered the ongoing story of the University of Calgary’s board of governors who, for four years, have been dedicated to suppressing freedom of expression amongst its students. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sick!

A modern liberal university and newspapers in general ought to be bastions of protection for freedom of thought and expression. In my opinion, this freedom should be at the heart of their professions. Both surely ought to be champions of basic freedoms.

Not so! Our culture is changing. It seems that good is now bad, right is now wrong, immorality is now good, morality is old-fashioned. Good moral character is ridiculed!

Immoral and irrational is the new modern way to think and act. A new culture — can it really be happening? Yes, right before our eyes!

Intolerance of opposition and irrational thought are gaining ground. It is the new look for “intelligent and informed.” It is the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it.

Our liberal universities and liberal newspapers should be an honourable force within our society. Yet they are often the purveyors of misinformation and perverted philosophies.

Liberal and socialist ideals are all about remaking (destroying?) our Canadian society. It seems that their philosophy of life and life’s purposes have gotten altered.

For hundreds of years, western societies had respect for a higher intelligence, a creator God. Now a creator God is a joke and a cuss-word. Man is his own god, the highest intelligence in the universe!

Folks, our world is already in turmoil, but get ready. It’s going to get worse! These days, societies don’t often fail due to conquering armies, but they rot from within. Should we continue to keep silent and be swept along in this wave of moral ineptness?

Maybe the judge in Calgary got it right. He ruled against the board of governors, saying: “They used unreasonable justification for their actions.”

In other words, foolishness.

Jim Swan

Red Deer



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