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Spring is upon us – enjoy it!

What’s that?

Geese honking overhead?

Spring’s upon us, blowing our way, along with assorted fowl flocks of ducks, swans and Canadian loons.

That reminds me to get off my winter ass and onto my summer horse. Helmet, glasses and fashionable attire always help on my bicycle treks.

They’re probably headed for either of the two probable ponds. McKenzie Trails or Bower Ponds, even along the river banks, I imagine.

Along with these great Waskasoo Trail pathways and a prairie fervour, I hope to bike and witness this year’s landing and rebirth cycle of these Canadian geese. Great to see it and great to experience it.

The melting of the snow fuels natural ambitions.

Have fun with your effort’s sweat and smile.

David Holbrook

Red Deer

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