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Swan’s supposition not based on fact

Re: We have lost our sense of morality, a letter to the editor in the Advocate on May 7 by Jim Swan:

Nobody should be too surprised that Jim Swan didn’t provide any scientific backing for his assertion that homosexuality is a “lifestyle.” That’s because there isn’t any ... certainly for males.

There are about three billion heterosexual males (like myself) on this planet who know that they could never be enticed into a “lifestyle” that often entails sodomy.

So Swan’s supposition is not only anti-scientific; it is also something that the rest of us subjectively know to be entirely ludicrous.

And most of us also know that the practice of twisting facts about minorities who are different can easily be used by people who need to find scapegoats in society.

So if Swan truly wants to be a good Christian, maybe he should crack open an encyclopedia before he puts any more drivel in these pages.

Evan Bedford

Red Deer

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