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Thanks for variety of ideas to start my day

What’s your favourite part of the Advocate? I like to start my day with a variety of food for thought, along with my coffee and toast, then finish with a bit of dessert, the comic strips.

On Saturday, it’s gotta be Hay’s Daze and Fun and Games.

But I never miss Comment! This is the section that gives me insight into the opinions and beliefs of people in my community ... Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and the world.

It gives me perspective and helps me broaden my own views. It helps me grow and, hopefully, gain some wisdom.

I may not agree with the positions of some contributors, especially in Letters to the Editor, but I respect the right to speak freely and the courage to do so in a public forum.

I may have a prejudice against a writer from the Toronto Star (that Liberal rag) or very persuasive local writers who simply “know” the inconvenient truth that the world is black and white with no shades of grey nor rainbow hues.

Or those who accuse others of cherry-picking facts while conveniently omitting crucial facts that would give a balanced view.

Years ago, as a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, I regularly received surveys on important issues of the day.

The methodology was to clearly state the issue, then present three strong arguments for and three strong arguments against. It was always a difficult choice.

So, thanks to the following who keep the debate going, honest, checked and balanced: Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, Greg Neiman, Bill Greenwood, Evan Bedford, Tim Harper, David Crane, Gwynne Dyer, Keith Norman Wyatt, Jim Swan, Will Verboven, Doug Firby, etc.

Kieran Lang

Red Deer

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