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The war on morality continues

The Advocate letters policy reads: “Letters should be brief and deal with a single topic; try to keep them under 300 words.”

Yet the March 11 Advocate published letters from two Red Deer County writers; one over 500 words, and one over 700!

Long-winded? Not really. Students of Karl Marx have a lot to say.

Modern socialism has many faces, but unfortunately, the foundations of socialist thought has not changed at all over the last 100 years. The state is still god, and morality is optional.

It is amazing to me that in many modern democracies of today, socialist thought is still given respect and worldwide acceptance. This is so, in spite of a long dark history of socialist governance beset with barbarism, treachery, loss of freedoms, and completely failed economic policy.

Probably the most dominant example of failed socialism is the old Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) which, after 90 years of socialist experiment, collapsed on its face in 1991. Good riddance!

Its collapse brought to an end the tensions of the Cold War, and many hoped for a period of new hope in the world. But it was not to be.

Two hot wars have replaced it and brought new tensions into our world. The first is the war on terrorism.

The second is the non-violent war against Biblical morality.

It too, has many faces. Led by the courts and fed by a liberal-socialist media, a mess of atheists, secularists, and leaders such as President Obama, they all have one thing in common — they reject the Holy Bible morality and believe strongly that they know better.

Will we ever learn that God knows best! Not likely. As a wise man once stated, “Human capacity for self-delusion is infinite.”

Jim Swan

Red Deer



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