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Tip wait staff for better service

The no-tip plan referred to in a recent article has a drawback that we experienced in New Zealand years ago when visiting our son.

When I expressed surprise at the no-tip policy, my son said the Canadian model was better as service was poor, as there is little incentive for the serving staff.

So I observed to get my own sense and found the service hit and miss, more miss. My son countered that the times service was improved was we were being taken as U.S. visitors and they always tip good and servers accepted the tip readily.

As for serving staff obligated to share anticipated tips with other employees, that is a model that should be punted. It is a direct result of an employer who is not compensating the bartenders/cooks appropriately.

To place their compensation on the backs of the server is so wrong.

Laverne Asselstine

Sylvan Lake

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