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What a load of crap ... literally

On March 3, my friend Tracey and I made plans to walk our dogs at Three Mile Bend. We hadn’t been to the park since autumn.

The City of Red Deer is active in supplying bags for those dog owners who bring their dog to the park without one. The city provides these as a very proactive and practical service.

However, these can be depleted, so I brought bags from home! That’s what responsible pet owners do!

When we arrived at the park, the amount of “lawn bombs” in the area was disgusting! Considerable canine ca-ca meant care had to be taken of where one walked for ice wasn’t the only slippery substance underfoot!

My friend and I were concerned the amount of pooch pollution at Three Mile Bend Park is both a human and canine health concern. We wondered how the city would deal with this ... would they choose to close the park if it is going to s--- ... literally?

Please, fellow dog-owners, get your poop-in-a-group, pack a bag and clean up after your pet! The alternative is you could always use your bare hands! Wow ... that is dedication to your pet and community!

Kim Schellenberg

Red Deer



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