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Where is the irresponsible landlord?

I live on West Park Crescent in Red Deer, across from this eyesore. The tenants moved out weeks ago, and as a result the lawn has yet to be mowed (hasn’t been mowed all summer, as a matter of fact). It is clearly vacant.

West Park has numerous homes that are rental properties.

As a homeowner who lives in her mortgaged dwelling, I have had mostly good experiences with the numerous landlords that I’ve had to direct matters to, but there are always exceptions to every rule. Sadly, my mistake was that I failed to obtain the contact number of this particular landlord.

Regarding this home and it’s neglected yard, I have called the City of Red Deer twice, leaving voice messages with no response. I have also emailed them with no reply. I am now going above and beyond as my limits (as well as those of my surrounding neighbours) are maxed.

Perhaps publishing a little story about irresponsible landlords might be an interesting topic for the Advocate? I would be glad to assist in any way that I can. In the meantime, feel free to use these pictures — maybe then we will get the yard dealt with.

We are proud of our West Park community, whether we are renters or home owners, and find it very disheartening when irresponsible and uncaring landlords let it go into a state of neglect. Please help!

Annie Quinnett

Red Deer

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