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Mind over Matter

Sitting across the table from Kristina Meyer, I am immediately struck by her passion and humility.

It is telling the way her eyes light up and her smile broadens when she mentions a recent run or past race. READ

An emotional rollercoaster

So I just realized I haven’t told you about our house selling experience. By now we will have already went through the process of moving into our new home, but you will have to wait a little longer to hear about that I’m afraid. If you’ve ever sold your house while living in it I applaud you. If you’ve ever sold your house while living in it with two small children I’d like to give you a standing ovation. READ

Clarifying expectations

“We will always tend to fulfill our own expectation of ourselves.” – Brian Tracy, best-selling American author and motivator READ

Enter a password to proceed

I’m sorry. You must ENTER a PASSWORD to proceed. password Sorry, “password” cannot be your PASSWORD. hello Sorry, too few characters. hello there Sorry, you cannot use blank spaces. hellothere READ

PAD: a slippery slope

“A rose by any other name is still a rose” is a line from Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. It is what it is! A common saying used to put away a need for explanation for an event. No matter how many flowers you put on a garbage truck, it is still always a smelly garbage truck. READ

The importance of self-responsibility

“How many of you own a vehicle?” he asked and we all raised our hands. “How many of you own a home?” he asked and most of us raised our hands. “How many of you own your life?” he asked and we all looked at each other. I was attending a self-esteem workshop and the topic was self-responsibility. The facilitator explained that we could be “owned” by our work, by our passions, by our need for validation and acceptance and even by our need to be liked. He told us if we wanted a life that was different, purposeful and rewarding, we would have to own it. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what the term meant. I had always felt that I was a responsible person, but self-responsible? READ

Hubby complains constantly about aches, pains

Dear Annie: Please help me before I pull my hair out. I am 40 and have been married for the last eight years to a man I love more than I thought possible. READ

Runners, stay safe

It was nearly two weeks ago when Linda Ethier died after being struck by pickup truck while running home after a group run in Lacombe. I didn’t know Linda but I was rattled by her death. Then I got pissed. READ

Streaking to stay young

No matter what the weather, Paul Cowley keeps on running. Bone-chilling temperatures. Knee-deep snow. Ice-laden trails. My co-worker has weathered whatever conditions Mother Nature threw his way. READ

Running on plants

Mark Johnson has never felt better. I met the 36-year-old ultrarunner about a year ago at a trail race in Canmore. I was skimming the race results when I noticed Mark admiring the performance-enhancing kokopelli tattoo on my right calf. We got to talking and I learned he had just moved to Red Deer from Edmonton for a job. READ

Mobility essential for runners

I am holding a 10-pound plate while trying to keep my chest up, knees out and weight on my heels in a low squat. READ

Integration brings focus and clarity

“How do you feel?” I asked. “Fragmented,” he replied. “Disjointed.” “Explain fragmented,” I said. “Tell me how it feels to be disjointed.” “As if there are a dozen people living in my head, each with a different agenda.” READ

Stop fungi, viruses and pests in autumn

In late spring, summer and early fall, deciduous trees and shrubs are covered in leaves. During this time, yellow leaves, dead leaves and dead branches are tell-tale signs that the plant is not healthy. READ

Energy booms often outpace infrastructure

Bakken and Eagle Ford, of course, refer to the huge shale oil fields in North Dakota and Texas, which use fracking technology to get oil and gas out of the ground. The quote is somewhat flippant, but it merely echoes what the U.S. Energy Information Agency is saying. The EIA is the government’s main cheerleader for the shale oil revolution, but even it admits that production will peak in 2021 and then go downhill from there. READ

Probiotics can change your life

It may not be what’s trending on Twitter right now, but it is certainly coming to the forefront of more people’s nutritional conversations, as it should. READ

Planning your yard with the right focal point

How much ornamentation, statues, arches, pergolas, fountains, walls, etc., should be in a yard? It depends on the size of the yard and whether plants or ornaments are the main focus of the garden. READ

How do you bee-have?

In my experience, there are three types of reactions you will find humans having when coming in contact with the ominous bee. READ

Crying babies disrupting Sunday service

Dear Annie: Quite frequently during our Sunday church services, the loud noise of a crying baby or babies makes it difficult to hear the sermon and other portions of the worship service. READ

What will our children become?

There are moments when I look upon my sweet children and am taken away to thoughts of what they will become. I want them to be respectable. I want them to be happy. I want them to be self-sufficient and above all I want them to be moral. READ

A thrilling yarn from Canadian history

The year is 1915, the war that later came to be known as The Great War had begun in the autumn of 1914, and all eyes were on Europe. Young men of Canada were anxious and willing to go overseas and defend the Empire; automobiles were becoming popular for those who could afford the $1,400 price, and the LCW (Local Council of Women) were hard at work lobbying for women’s rights. READ

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