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It really was a near death experience

Six kilometres to go.

I am staring down a fierce white and black coiled snake. READ

This is how we do it

Up until last Sunday it has been years since I ran a 5K race. READ

Running with others

I buckled under pressure. READ

Trust Your Training

My eyes are locked on my friend ahead. She’s moving at a steady pace up another $#!%&! coulee. All I want to do is stop and smell the cacti (i.e. catch my breath) but there’s no time to take a knee. READ

Easing pre-race anxieties

I’m running and hiking hills. I’m trying to acclimatize to the heat. Most of all I am driving myself crazy with my training and pre-race anxieties. READ

Tackling The Great Wall

Two things come to mind when I think about the Great Wall of China – flip flops and thirst. READ

Setting realistic running goals

Kari Elliott easily won the women’s race with a three hour and change time at Woody’s marathon in May. It should have been me. READ

On top of the world

Running down a mountain carrying a yoga mat is as awkward as it gets. READ

First-time marathoner braves wind and rain

Gusty winds and heavy rains greeted Carol Burk when she seeded herself at the starting line of Woody’s RV World Marathon last weekend. READ

Lesson learned from a DNF

I have a confession. You won’t find my name on the 2013 official race results for Woody’s 10K but I was there. READ

Woodys: Volunteers Needed

My skin is raw and I’m bleeding where my sports bra had been rubbing against my skin for the last 15K. Chances are if you have run for any length of time, you can relate to the excruciating pain of chafing. READ

Running strong and happy

I’m trying to get my breathing under control when I notice a woman barrelling down on me in the distance. READ

Calkins runs for it

I don’t like to mix my politics with running. My neurotic ramblings tend to get me into trouble when I delve into the thorny issues. I stick to the running basics – racing, training and eating. READ

Locals run Boston

There’s no other race like it. Marathoner Willa Wanke is still coming down from her runner’s high after her first Boston Marathon on Monday. READ

A fit you is a better you

Red Deer cop John Babbitt is not sure running has improved his ability to catch the bad guys. READ

Yoga can change your life

I am stretching my body down from my lower spine towards the floor. My stomach is on my thighs and my chest is on my knees. I am willing my face to touch my legs below my knees. It’s not going well. READ

Running in virtual reality

Sometimes I pretend I am seconds away from breaking the tape when I am out on a run. I can hear the crowds cheering and chanting my name while I breeze across the invisible finish line. READ

Stuff That Nonrunners Say

Some of my best friends do not know the difference between a 5K and a marathon. (It’s 37.2K.) READ

Gearing up for a world record

Wearing steel-toed boots, fire-retardant gear and helmet, Noel D’arcy is gunning to smash a world record for the fastest marathon in a firefighting uniform at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon in May. READ

Navigating medical expertise

Red Deer College instructor Trish Campbell had somewhat of an ulterior motive for writing her PhD dissertation on how runners use mediated medical expertise in their self-care practices. The long-time runner and yoga instructor had battled injuries and wanted to delve deeper into the hows and the whys of self-care. READ

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