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Preferred seasonal dining

Many traditional cuisines espouse the wisdom of eating seasonally. This style of dining is my preference. On a winter’s day, hardy stews and soups simmer in my crock pot. With long dark nights, their savoury scent fills the house, and promises warmth for my body and spirit.

As the light returns, and the sun’s warmth begins to melt the snow, I crave salads. In particular, flower petal salad. Yet before adding flowers, I always begin with mineral-rich greens. READ

Get crackin' for Easter

Eggs are synonymous with Easter and spring — they symbolize birth, rebirth and renewal. In keeping with this thinking, it only seemed appropriate to give the egg a new life in the kitchen, too. Eggs have been boxed in as a breakfast food or a baking ingredient. But if they’re given some consideration, they really are a versatile protein that can easily replace the meat portion on the dinner plate. READ

Soda wars move to flavoured sparkling waters

he soda wars appear to be shifting to another corner of the beverage industry — sparkling, flavoured waters. A report released Monday shows U.S. soda sales fell at an accelerated pace last year, extending a streak of declines that began in 2005. But people are apparently developing a taste for another type of sweet, carbonated beverage. READ

Ready, set, roll

I’m on a mission: to spread the gospel of hot, fragrant rounds of Indian flatbreads. They elevate a meal and take minutes to cook. The ones I grew up eating are not the ones I make today. Whole-wheat flour, especially the more refined Indian durum whole wheat called atta, available at Indian markets, nudges them in the direction of good-for-you. READ

April Fools’ treats

While many believe it is cooking, my biggest passion is really decorating cakes. Whenever there is an event or birthday in the family, I find myself scouring the Internet for ideas that expresses the person or the occasion. READ

A breath of fresh Eire

You can smell it before the bowl hits the table: chunks of beef, potatoes, onions and carrots, all glistening in a gravy that hints of Guinness, Worcestershire sauce and herbs. It’s the stew served at just about every Stateside pub that sports a Celtic font. READ

Get the holiday mix right

I began getting into the Holidays spirits a little early this year by going to Jasper Park Lodge’s annual Christmas in November event. There I attended a session hosted by mixologist Micah Dew. READ

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