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Emotional eating? Make peace with your food

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. It’s OK. You’re aloud to enjoy your food! You’re allowed to indulge in the satisfaction of eating your food. In fact, this is what you should do! Somewhere along the line we’ve become trapped by feeling guilty with our pleasures of eating, because we think we are simply looking to either suppress a feeling or give us a feeling of satisfaction that we may not be getting from other areas of life. Is this true for you? With so much emphasis on weight loss, healthy eating choices and controversial information on our food supply, the guilt between restricting and indulging behaviour may be what’s weighing on you more than weight itself.

Here are a few steps to start making peace with your food: READ

DND struggles to fill mental health positions nine months after suicide crisis

Almost nine months after promising to make the hiring of mental health staff a priority for the Canadian Forces, 40 positions — nearly 10 per cent of the military’s mental health workforce — remain vacant across the country, according to new figures released by National Defence. READ

Probiotics can change your life

It may not be what’s trending on Twitter right now, but it is certainly coming to the forefront of more people’s nutritional conversations, as it should. READ

The future of our health — well-being for kids

After presenting to a group of middle school students on the topic of nutrition recently, I got a taste of what it would be like to be a parent — tough. READ

Give body the help it needs

By the time we’re 30 years old and beyond, our lives have undergone a great deal of change. Often we are on our second career, we’re starting a family — whatever it is, it’s safe to say life has really changed. For most of us through our mid-20s to our mid-60s, much of our time is spent on our working life. READ

Woman loses over half of her body weight

Alicia Snell stepped on her new scale and stared at the number. 28 pounds. READ

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