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Attempted murder suspect ordered to stand trial

Two Red Deer men charged with the attempted murder of another man were ordered on Tuesday to stand trial.

Daniel Huddlestone, 35, and Cameron Monkman, 29, were arrested by RCMP who were called to investigate after a seriously wounded man was found at a roadside near Benalto on the evening of June 3.

Police allege that the man was shot and robbed, and then abandoned at the side of the road.

Huddlestone and Monkman are jointly charged with attempted murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. Huddlestone is also charged with weapons offences, including discharging a firearm with intent to wound, possession of a loaded firearm that is either restricted or prohibited and possession of a firearm while prohibited.

Huddlestone was denied bail earlier this year and remains in custody awaiting trial. Monkman was granted release in June on $2,000 cash bail.

Represented by Calgary lawyers Darren Mahoney for Huddlestone and Tony Dos Santos for Monkman, the accused men asked earlier to be tried by judge and jury in Court of Queen’s Bench.

They were placed together in the prisoner’s box for their preliminary hearing on Tuesday morning, held before Judge Jim Hunter in Red Deer provincial court.

Preliminary hearings may be held before proceeding to trial to test some or all of the Crown’s case against the accused.

A publication ban requested by the defence bans publication of evidence presented on Tuesday.

The Crown’s case is being carried by special prosecutor Janice Rea, an organized crime specialist from Calgary.

A group of about a dozen men and women attended the hearing, sitting directly behind the defence counsels’ table save for two men who sat on the opposite side of the room.

At the request of Rea, Hunter stopped proceedings at one point in the hearing to order the two accused men to stop talking to each other or risk watching the balance of their hearing from a closed-circuit TV room at the Red Deer Remand Centre.

A sheriff also had to shush some of the people in the gallery a few moments later, telling them to stop laughing or they would be removed from the courtroom.

A date for the trial is to be set in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench on Feb. 3.

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