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Desharnais found guilty

A Red Deer man has been convicted of forcing a woman to become an unwilling partner in a violent rape fantasy two years ago.

Nathan Michael Desharnais, 25, was found guilty by Justice Adam Germain in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench on Thursday.

He was convicted of grabbing a prostitute by the arms while she tried to leave and forced her face down. Desharnais held her face down on a pillow, put his knee in her back and tied her hands. Then he turned her over, and started choking her.

The woman can’t be named because of a court ordered publication ban protecting the identity of sexual assault victims.

As she lost and regained consciousness, she found duct tape covering her mouth. When it began to come off, Desharnais wrapped the tape around her head from her chin to her nose, all the while sexually assaulting her.

When she came to and Desharnais was finished, the woman said he told her “I just wanted to know what it feels like to rape somebody.”

The two had consensual sex twice before the incident, once the night before and then again before the incident occurred.

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