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Diverse housing pushed

The Town of Sundre has rolled out a tax incentive to encourage housing diversity.

Starting this year, those who spend money on property improvements for rental or multiple-family units are eligible for a break on their municipal taxes.

Under the new policy, property owners will get a reduction on the tax levy applied to the improvements for up to two years.

Town chief administrative officer Dean Pickering said the policy is aimed at boosting the number of rental units and multi-family properties in the town.

An apartment building is under construction and some other projects are in the works, but adding a better housing mix is needed.

“There’s a need for rental space in the community,” Pickering said, adding starter homes are also in short supply.

Housing in town runs from older homes at a reasonable price or new homes at a price too high for many seniors or families just starting out.

“We don’t have that much in the middle,” he said.

It is also hoped the incentive will help boost housing density.

Similar incentives have proven effective in other communities, he said.

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