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Don’t drink and drive this holiday season: RCMP

City cops are reminding motorists not to drink before they get behind the wheel this holiday season.

Cpl. Kathe DeHeer, Red Deer City RCMP media liaison, said to plan ahead so everyone makes it home safely after a holiday party or celebration.

DeHeer said the easiest and most effective way is to leave your vehicle at home so there’s no temptation to drive after you’ve been drinking.

Throw in the winter conditions like icy roads or poor visibility and it is an even more dangerous mix.

DeHeer says to plan ahead by assigning a designated driver who will not drink that night. The designated driver will be responsible for getting everyone home safely.

DeHeer said at a house party, for example, vehicle keys should be collected at the beginning of night. This will prevent drinkers from sneaking away and driving home.

The RCMP traffic unit and the regular police patrols will be watching.

The RCMP traffic unit has held Check Stops throughout the city this month. As well, the routine police patrols have continued their efforts to crack down on impaired drivers.

“I would say the bulk of our drunk driving charges are not the result of a Check Stop, they are actually as a result of just good old-fashioned police work,” said DeHeer. “Members are patrolling and paying attention to their surroundings and arresting people for impaired driving.”

DeHeer said one impaired driver is too many.

“One loss of life, one lamp post, one anything,” said DeHeer. “It’s a game of Russian roulette. If you think about it. You get behind the wheel your faculties are not all there. Your ability to control your vehicle and a situation are greatly diminished. I don’t think people should pay that type of game with theirs or anybody else’s life.”

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