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Electrical problem likely causes costly fire in Lacombe

An electrical problem in a truck was likely behind a $1-million fire at a Lacombe vehicle storage building earlier this month.

Investigators determined the fire started in a semi that was parked in one of four bays in the building at 4646 45th St. on the east side of Lacombe.

“We don’t suspect there’s any foul play involved,” said Lacombe Fire Chief Ed van Delden.

The exact cause may never be known for certain, he said.

“The truck, as you might imagine, is pretty badly burned. Certainly something electrical is likely.”

Fire crews were called in after someone smelled smoke near the building shortly before 1:30 a.m.

One truck was completely destroyed and two others were damaged in other bays. Two cars in a fourth bay had smoke damage.

The building owner has an engineer coming to assess the integrity of the steel beams inside the building before repairs get underway.

No one was injured in the fire, which was fought by about 18 firefighters.

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