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Stettler man survives gunshot wound

A 32-year-old Stettler man is lucky to be alive after a loaded rife discharged when he made a quick turn in his pickup truck on Hwy 590, near Elnora, early Friday morning.

Three Hills RCMP Sgt. Joe Sangster said the Stettler man was travelling west on Hwy 590 before he turned to go back east.

Sangster said a loaded rifle was leaning against the passenger seat with the muzzle facing the roof.

“It fell over, hit something and discharged,” said Sangster. “It struck him (crossing through sideways) in the abdomen. The bullet exited out the driver’s door. He’s very lucky to be alive.”

The man came to an abrupt stop on the highway and fell out of the truck. A witness helped him and called emergency services. He was taken to Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre to be treated with non-life-threatening injuries.

The man will likely be charged with unsafe storage and/or careless.

“It’s not unusual but it is not common,” said Sangster. “That’s why that law is in place. Keep your freaking weapons empty when you are in the vehicle. It’s not common but it does happen.”

The incident is still under investigation. The man’s name was not released.

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